Spider-Man Far From Home Was Phenomenal (No Spoilers)

Okay so if you’re worried about spoilers, you’re all good. The only place I’ll put them is at the very very end and, just like with my Endgame Review, I’ll give you PLENTY of time to abort. So read on!

Spider-Man is my favorite superhero so I’ll always have a bias take on him and all his iterations, but this movie was awesome. If you liked Homecoming, you’ll love this. You get the classic ‘friendly Spider-Man’ feel but you can also tell that he’s apart of something bigger now.

Mysterio is amazing in this flick as well. Jake Gyllenhaal perfectly captures every characteristic you’d want out of Quentin Beck. We’ve seen a bunch of Marvel characters brought to life that we never thought we’d see, and Mysterio is certainly one of them. I mean, look at the guy..

From this…

To this…

I mean, we’re talking perfection here people. Sure, we assumed Marvel would figure out how to make his outlandish suit/cape and crazy looking gloves make sense, but the fishbowl? How the hell were they gonna do that and not make it look cartoonish? Well, they pulled it off flawlessly.

While Mysterio was certainly the star of the movie, it was also very cool to see the other characters get fleshed out a little bit more. Happy Hogan and Aunt May were funny in every scene they shared. And Ned still plays the buddy sidekick role perfectly. But the real cool part to watch unfold was the relationship between MJ and Peter.

As you saw in the trailers already (no idea why they put this in there), MJ finds out that Peter is Spider-Man. That makes for some great moments, but even leading up to that, it’s entertaining to watch their bond grow throughout the film. And anyone who had any doubt about Zendaya playing MJ needs to go away. She plays the role without a hitch.

Speaking of going off without a hitch, the CGI in this movie is outstanding. With Mysterio in the mix, this was probably the toughest task Marvels had when it comes to effects since Dr. Strange. And once again, as they do with everything, they nailed it. Anything that had to do with Mysterio came off great on screen and looked gorgeous. And I’ll always compliment a well shot Spider-Man flying/swinging through the air.

All in all, this movie is an amazing MCU movie. It has laughs, serious moments, tony Easter eggs and of course some really REALLY cool fight scenes. Far From Home really is about seeing Peter Parker grow into Spider-Man and I for one cant wait to see where it all leads.

Okay, ready for spoilers?

Here I’ll give you some time to look away…..



For real, I’m about 5 seconds I’m gonna ruin some important and cool parts of Spider-Man…

Okay here we go!

So obviously the big ‘twist’ here is that Mysterio is actually really a bad guy! GASP! I mean, if you know anything about the comics, you knew this was coming. But that still didn’t make it any less cool to watch him get on everyone’s good side, only to turn heel on us. And I like the way they did it too. Marvel made it make sense. He’s not just this regular bad guy, the fit him into the lore of Iron Man and that was really cool.

Oh and how about Marvel/Sony completely bamboozling all of us making everyone believe there’s a Multiverse!? I mean, that had to be one of the biggest ‘gotchya’ moments Marvel Studios has given us in quite sometime. I saw people, including myself, getting all sorts of hyped for the idea of a possibility of a Multiverse. Was that how they would bring in all the Fox properties? Are we going to get an Iron Man from a different dimension? Is there a possibility of Spider-Men from past movies coming back!?

But nope, Quentin Beck is just a really smart, scorned business associate of Tony Stark and just wanted to get his due. I loved that. In true Marvel fashion, they made everything connect and make sense. The way the showed how Beck was never even really IN the suit, it was just an illusion around him was perfect. Marvel Studios has been on a pretty good run of villains recently and they hit the mark once again with this guy.

And how about the absolute perfection of Mysterio’s actual illusions!? As someone who holds Mysterio close to heart, I loved seeing the absolute masterpiece put on display by Feige and the gang over there when it comes to Beck’s ‘magic’. How he kept changing reality when fighting Spidey was crazy. And that part at Tony Stark’s grave where a zombie Iron Man popped out was actually more sad than I imagined. I really thought we were gonna get Beck fighting Peter as an illusion of Iron Man. That would’ve pulled too hard on the ‘ol heart strings.

I loved how this movie made it a point to show the impact that Iron Mans death had on the world. He was very present throughout the entire movie without actually being there. God damn you Tony, why’d you have to go and die?

I can’t find any GIF’s of them since the movie just came out, but oh my god there were so many shots pulled RIGHT from the comics!

Part of me really hopes that Beck didn’t actually die. Because I could watch Gyllenhaal play this character for at LEAST a few more movies. Especially for the inevitable Sinister Six movie that I hope is coming sooner rather than later. Mysterio, Vulture, Shocker, Chameleon, Scorpion and Norman Osborn. Let’s go baby!

Speaking of Norman Osborn, I was surprised we didn’t get a cameo or some sort of mention of him. I thought it was almost a lock that we were gonna see Oscorp unveiled on top of what used to be the Avengers Tower. But oh well, I’m sure we’ll get the Green Goblin sooner than we think.

And uh….how about that first post credit scene!? J.K. SIMMONS IS BACK AS J JONAH JAMESON!? And Mysterio told everyone who Spider-Man really is!? What the!? That’s something I certainly did NOT see coming at all. Peter Parker is one of the most protected secret identities in all of Marvel. And this movie just turned all that on it’s head.

How’s that impact everything moving forward? Are villains like Scorpion gonna start coming after Spidey’s family and loved ones? Remember at the end of Homecoming where Scorpion was trying to get Vulture to give up Spider-Man’s real name? WELL NOW HE AND ALL OF NEW YORK CITY KNOW! I’m so excited about the little twist this is going to bring into the MCU and Spider-Man 3. I can’t wait.

And that second post credit scene is going to end up being more important than we think. I know that Marvel plans on going more cosmic with their future, so Nick Fury on some sort of mission with the Skrulls is definitely not something to be glossed over. We’re gonna get some sort of cosmic team here, I just know it.

Or maybe Fury brought along a really smart family aboard his ship to help him out….

Who knows! But what I do know, is that this movie was awesome. It was the perfect Spider-Man movie and I hope that Sony and Marvel continue to play nice so we can get as much Tom Holland in our life as possible.

Because make no mistake about it, we have found the perfect Peter Parker.

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