Lil Nas X Comes Out As Gay And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Lil Nas X, ever heard of him? Yeah, he came out this weekend.

I gotta admit, I’m getting a kick out of this whole thing. People freaking out that he’s black and gay AND had the number one country song is hilarious to me. Because guess what country people don’t like? Gay people and black people! The irony is ridiculous.

I’m trying to find some tweets or comments about him being gay but the spineless asshats who posted them must have deleted them or something. But I saw a bunch of people saying how they felt deceived or lied to or that they felt like they couldn’t listen to his music anymore.

And I have some pretty strong feelings on that so permit me here for a minute:

If you stop listening to Lil Nas X (that name is a pain in the ass ((pun intended)) to type) because he likes men, then you should promptly go kill yourself. If you are one of those close-minded losers who still thinks that being gay is wrong or something like that, then you need to get with the times or go live in a hole with all the other homophobic pricks out there. Old Town Road BUMPS. That may be one of the most catchy songs I’ve heard in the last decade. If you let someones sexual preference dictate if you like them or whether or not you’ll listen to their music then you’re a worthless piece of living shit and don’t deserve to have an opinion on anything ever. This kid coming out already makes him more brave then you will ever be in your entire life. Fuck yourselves.

End Rant

Lil Nas is having a blast with this though, and that’s awesome to see!

And this remix is lowkey fire….

Regardless if he likes dick or not, I will continue to listen to his music cause guess what? The guy is pretty good! Go check out his new album if you haven’t already. And you didn’t think I was gonna write this blog without posting Old Town Road right?

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