Is Kevin Durant A Good Guy Again?

A bunch of moves have been made official today (most of which we’ve known about for a few hours, if not, days now) but there’s really two players everyone is waiting for.

Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard.

Now, while the latter is taking his sweet ass time, the former has officially made his move for the upcoming season.

The last time KD announced a relocation, he was roasted for it. And rightly so in my mind. Instead of staying in OKC with Westbrook and trying to build a championship team like the stand up guy he pretended to be, he decided to show his true colors and jump ship like the coward he was and joined an already stacked team. The issue with most stars in the NBA now is that they all want the easiest path possible. No one wants to grind and put the work in.

They’re all adopting the ‘Lebron Way’ and trying to form SuperTeams. Or joining a team that’s already ‘super’ when it comes to what KD did. And for that reason I’ll always view what Durant did as much worse than what Bron Bron did. There’s a difference between orchestrating you’re own juggernaut team since you can’t win on your own and joining a team that just won 73 games. Lebron is a fraud, but Durant was a coward.

I say was because with this move to the Nets, I feel like all that ill will everyone had toward KD should be washed away for the most part. The easier path would’ve been to just resign with the Warriors and continue to be the false hero that he is. Or maybe even finagle a way to join the Lakers or another team that’s already full of stars.

I know what you’re saying. “But Mike, Kevin Durant isn’t the only one going to Brooklyn!” And you’d be correct.

Kyrie Irving reneged on the promise he made to hundreds of Celtics fans and took his talent to Brooklyn. Fuck you Kyrie.

I can’t wait to watch this putz destroy the Nets while Durant is forced to watch helplessly from whatever rehab clinic he’s in. Watch Kyrie decimate any cohesiveness this locker room has and turn the entire fan base on him and what the Nets become. All so that when KD finally does come back, he’s gonna have the weight of the world on his shoulders and once he falters even a tiny bit, the crowd will turn on him too.

And knowing our Kevin, he’ll hop onto his burner accounts and talk shit about how Kyrie is the real problem or how the fans need to be patient or some shit. We all know this is the route it’s all gonna go. I want KD to turn his career around in the eyes of the fans, but Irving is toxic. He’s gonna be the downfall of Durant, watch.

But at the end of the day, Kevin Durant decided to go to a below average team and, at the time of this blog, only showed up with one other great player. Even if another guy, such as DeAndre Jordan, shows up, we still can’t completely fault Durant. He’s putting a lot of faith into this organization.

Hoping a team that has no history of sustained success can continue to progress while their star player won’t even be on the court is a big leap. He should be commended for that.

Additionally, it’s not like Brooklyn is in a position to just plug these players in and go on a run for years to come. This is gonna take work. Not only to build a winning culture there, but also to deal with that headcase of a point guard. This is the complete opposite of what he did last time. The Warriors already had a winning culture, multiple all-stars, championship pedigree and were at the height of their Finals run.

Durant has made a lot of questionable decisions in the past few years pissing fans off every step along the way. But joining the Brooklyn Nets is a move that should at least cause fans to open the door to him becoming a good guy again. I mean, dealing with Kyrie Irving is gonna be punishment enough, let’s cut him some slack.

P.S. Being a Knicks fan must suck. Like, really suck. More than being a fan of any other team in and league right now. Oh well.

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