Kemba To Boston And Danny Ainge Wins His Fanbase Back! (Screw You Kyrie)


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Listen, in New England we get obnoxious with being overly critical of our sports teams okay? It’s just a side effect of being so god damn good the last TWO decades okay? Cut us some slack.

Danny Ainge has been in everyones dog house. He is being blamed for the entire Kyrie debacle (which I don’t necessarily agree with) as well as being blamed for completely fumbling his way through the draft (a notion I do go along with). But just when you count Danny out, he brings ya back in!

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This isn’t a surprise to Celtics fans though. This has been reported on for days now and I know even the most hopeful C’s fans had to be hesitant. BUT DANNY DID IT BABY! (I mean, technically not official until tomorrow but fuck it, I’m calling it)

Yes, Irvin is better talent-wise. That’s a fact. But like I’ve said before, as a leader, Kemba is lightyears ahead of that fraudulent piece of waste Kyrie.

Kemba is a 3-time All Star and has handles similar to Irving. Walker it literally just a tick under Kyrie in almost every single stat imaginable so to think that this is gonna be a steep drop-off from what Irving gave us is laughable.

I’ve seen people shitting on this trade and I just don’t get it. If you are one of those people, I don’t want to see you hopping back on the bandwagon once Kemba takes off and this team makes it to the Finals next year.

WE GOT KEMBA BABYYYY!!!! Screw you Kyrie.

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