Is Nicki Minaj Clout Chasing?

Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj have been ‘feuding’ for years now it seems. I put feuding in quotes because it’s gone on for so long that it’s kinda lost some steam.

Back in 2015 Cyrus did an interview with The New York Times where she insulted Minaj for being upset that Taylor Swift won the MTV Movie Award for Best Video and hinted towards it being only because Swift is white and Nicki is black. (Yes, this beef started over an MTV Movie Award for a music video. It’s sad that this is what most rap beefs are right now.)

Anyway, Miley’s comments eventually got viewed as slightly racist which almost every argument does nowadays when it comes to black and white artists beefing. Nicki claimed that Cyrus doesn’t know what black artists go through to try to get to the top of their industry and not to speak on issues she doesn’t know about. Miley Cyrus apologized and we all thought everything was over.

Oh, we did get this awkward interaction though…

Now, on the heels of dropping a new single titled “Megatron”, Nicki Minaj figured she’d stir up some ancient beef in order to get her name back circulating again.

Megatron is…..not a good song by the way. I’m not even gonna post it here. If you really want to go find it you can. It’s just not good. Nicki seems to be in a weird funk musically the past couple years. But that’s a blog for a different day!

So Nicki went on her Queen Radio Friday and went in on Miley Cyrus without ever actually saying her name though, which I thought was weird. Like, you’re supposed to be this boss ass bitch and you can’t even say her name? And don’t give me the “I don’t even wanna give her the attention of saying her name” because guess what, after all these years you still get all sensitive when it comes to her and continue to give her more attention.

Firstly, the “record where Miley Cyrus was tryin’ to talk crazy” is a bullshit statement meant just to stir shit up.

These were the lyrics of Miley’s track “Cattitude” off her wildly underwhelming album SHE IS COMING:

“I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi”

How sensitive is Nicki Minaj? Where’s the diss here? Miley knows you and Cardi have beef, so she’s saying she listens to both of you. That’s it. There’s no crazy talk. This is just an artist who knows her star is fading so she is going at another artist in order to get some sort of relevancy before she drops a project.

Miley also said this during an interview about that lyric and the ongoing conflict between Cardi and Nicki:

“”I think what they do is so different from each other. That’s why the both get a crown. They don’t have to share. They don’t have to break it in half. There’s no reason to fight over it. They’re both queens. And anytime you want to feel powerful and strong, that’s my go-to, Cardi and Nicki.”

Oh yeah, that totally sounds like Miley is throwing jabs at Nicki….

Minaj also talked shit about how Miley wears a pink wig in the show Black Mirror and somehow relates that to Cyrus and other artists trying to be her…

“Now you coming out with pink wigs, all you bitches wanna be Nicki.”

Yeah, OR that’s just the choice the director made for the episode and it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Just a thought.

Listen, I’m all for rap beefs. I love them. Eminem and MGK put me in an aggressive mood for about 3 months afterwards. I live for this stuff. But what’s happening here is honestly sad to watch. I never thought I’d see the day where Nicki Minaj would be clout chasing but, alas, here we are.

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