Danny Ainge Has Lost His Fastball And Screwed The Celtics

I’m done.

I’m sick of this aura that Danny Ainge has around him that he is this great, amazing trader and is always 10 steps ahead. If he was ten steps ahead tonight, he must’ve tripped over a fucking log cause he screwed this ENTIRE draft up and I’m sick to my stomach about it.

Leading up the draft I kept seeing Woj and Shams tweet that ‘Team X has traded A, B and C to Team Y’ and you know what team was never team X OR Y? THE GOD DAMN BOSTON CELTICS! Instead, they were Team Q with their heads shoved so far up their ass that I’m surprised Ainge even knew the Draft was tonight.

How many times did we see “Team X is shopping their pick between a few different teams….” And you know what team was never even brought up as a possibility? THE FUCKING BOSTON CELTICS! Instead, what do we get?

This putz.

I’m not gonna pretend to know everything about Romeo Langford, but judging by what I’ve seen and read, this wasn’t the best selection! But hey you know what, we got two more picks to go. Who knows, maybe this guy turns out to be a solid starter.

Let’s see what happened next!

You’ve gotta be shitting me! We trade a player to OUR BIGGEST FUCKING RIVAL that apparently they were really interested in!? WHAT IS DANNY DOING! Why can’t we just draft good players? Why is every other team so much better than us at this!?

And then I saw this little gem:

Okay so we only dropped back 4 spots and got another pick. Alright that’s not horrible. But ummmm, please, for the love of god, I don’t ever wanna hear ‘accumulate picks’ and ‘Celtics’ in the same sentence for the rest of my life. I’m sick of it. I’m not sure if Ainge knows this, but the amount of accumulated picks you have has no impact on winning the Finals. It doesn’t work like that bud.

Then we get to the 22nd pick and hey it’s time to the shitheads to draft another player!

And I have seen literally nothing really said about him. Oh, wait, that’s a lie. I keep seeing things like this everywhere:

He’s strong. Really strong. That’s it. That’s fucking it. Oh, he gets to the free throw line too. Which, ironically, Romero Langford does as well. So that’s awesome! Apparently this was a big issue for the Celtics last year so we should all be pumped that we have to players that get to the FT line. Woo-freaking-hoo!

Hold onto your butts, Celtics fans! The spin zone on this draft is already out in full force!

Okay here we go now, 24th pi…

Are. You. Kidding. ME! ACCUMULATING MORE GOD DAMN PICKS! Cool, we got a 2020 first rounder, but how does that help us NOW Danny!? I swear to god, are Ainge and the Celtics just flying by the seat of their shitty pants this year?

Oh, and just to add a nice little cherry on top of that trade to the Suns, we got this:

Well isn’t that just fucking swell. On a team that already has very few things to like about it now, we trade away a fan favorite who actually had a good impact on the boards. Yeah, this makes sense. Oh, and getting rid of Baynes means we have no starting center now, so that’s fun.

And that was it. That was the night for the Celtics and Trader Danny. Who actually played to his nickname perfectly. Only problem is that none of the trades helped the team to win this year. None of them. And don’t try to spin zone this and use the ‘Well he’s accumulating picks for a big trade!’ nonsense. I guarantee you there is no big trade coming.

Danny Ainge has gotten to the point where he knows he has the trust of Celtics Fans and gotten a reputation for making great deals. But what he has done is take advantage of that blind trust from his fan base, and we’ve all become aware of it. Accumulating picks and then doing nothing of impact with them does not make you a good GM. It makes you an imbecile.

A whole bunch of pointless moving around all for a whole bunch of nothing. Classic Danny Ainge. Nick Wright is gonna be insufferable tomorrow.

Anyway, apparently the Celtics smartened up as the draft neared it’s end.

With the 33rd pick, we drafted Carsen Edwards who, by all accounts, is actually a good pick! Averaged 24.3 points last year and all I keep seeing is that the kid can score. I don’t hate this pick!

And with the final pick for Boston we snagged Tremont Waters. All the talk surrounding Waters is similar to that around Edwards. He could be a steal. He’s from Connecticut too so I guess that’s cool.

So I guess you could say Danny salvaged what was, overall, a pretty bad night for he and the Celtics.

The entire draft I kept coming across comments about how a team has made a good pick or addressed a need or how excited they should be for Player X. I saw none of that regarding the Celtics.

Instead, what did we get? “Romeo Langford is not a good shooter……….he could develop into a consistently decent shot maker……….most teams anticipated him going later in the draft……..” Those are definitely things you wanna hear about your 14th round pick.

“Grant Williams is really strong guys……..like, really strong……..do you like strength? Cause Williams has that!” Again, all I’ve seen along with his free throw attempts.

And even though our last two picks were praised as ‘steals’. How often does the ‘steal of the draft’ actually work out?

I really wanted Danny to knock this one out of the park tonight. But what we got was a bunt.

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