It’s Do Or Die For The Celtics/Danny Ainge Tonight

I’m really sick and tired of writing about the Celtics if we’re being honest. Basketball is my least favorite sport to cover due to the diva athletes that play the sport, but this damn league has been so entertaining recently!

Tonight is the night guys. I take no pleasure in saying this, but the Boston Celtics have been a shitshow recently. They need to hit the proverbial nail on the head with this Draft.

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I’m talking trades. Giving up assets. Making moves. Getting players to build on. Taking chances. That last one is very important and the one that stands out the most though.

As my enemy Nick Wright has said on numerous occasions, Danny Ainge does not make a trade unless he is without a doubt the clear cut winner. And that’s just not how successful business is done anymore in the NBA.

Think of every trade that ‘Trader Danny’ has pulled off since he’s been here. He’s ‘won’ them all. And they’ve all helped, or were supposed to help, this Celtics team finally get over the hump. As much as I hate Kyrie Irving now, that trade looked great when it happened. If Kyrie held up his end of the deal, the Celtics MAY possibly be NBA Champions and have Anthony Davis on their roster.

The bombshell of a trade with the Nets where we got rid of an aging Paul Pierce and KG was an amazing fleece of the Brooklyn team. That also helped us get a few crucial pieces including Jayson Tatum. Another trade that the Celtics clearly won.

But for all the regular season and success this team has had, they still haven’t reached the pinnacle. Be it Lebron James, injuries or false leadership, there’s always been something in the way. Tonight is the night where you can change all of that.

Bron Bron took his talents to the West Coast in search of his acting career. Kevin Durant is out for the season so the Warriors won’t be the Finals juggernaut they’ve been the past few years. The Sixers piss down their legs every time you meet. Now is the time to make a push!

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With 3 first round picks, there is no reason why the Celtics shouldn’t walk out of the Draft tonight with a solid first rounder and an impact veteran. If I’m Boston, there are two ways to get this done:

Package the plethora of picks you have in your arsenal and move up in the draft and draft someone who can come in and make an immediate impact. I don’t want a ‘project’ or something who will hopefully pan out. That type of stuff only works for the Patriots. We need players to get us over the hump.

OR you take some of, if not all those first round picks, add a player or two and you grab any All-Star caliber player you can get or sign someone in Free Agency. Clearly AD is off the table, but there are other options. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend to know who exactly they can get or how to get them. But one way or another you have to leave this draft with someone that can help you RIGHT NOW.

Kemba Walker, Brook Lopez, D’Angelo Russell, Clint Capela, Nikola Vucevic. All names that could be options but none of them really move the needle. But with Horford probably gone along with Baynes, you gotta find a big man so odds are they go that route in some fashion. And with that cancer Kyrie Irving leaving and Rozier hopefully on his way out, you gotta find a point guard too.

Enough loading up this cache of picks and players only to never actually offer up any of said picks/players when an elite guy comes up for grabs. It was reported that Ainge wouldn’t trade Jaylen Brown for Kawhi Leonard. Are you kidding me? I don’t care if Kawhi left after a year, you do that trade! Trading Brown wouldn’t permanently screw up your future considering you still have Tatum, Smart and Hayward and picks to build around.

If Kawhi was on your team last year, you win the title. It’s that simple. While I can’t completely roast Ainge and the Celtics for not pulling the trigger, it’s just frustrating to know what could have been.

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All in all though, you can’t fault any of the moves Danny actually did make. The Kyrie trade would’ve worked perfectly and led to another All-Star signing here, but Irving turned out to be the biggest fraud in all the land.

The Horford addition worked out perfectly.

Adding Morris worked out well also.

The Hayward signing seems to be getting a bad rap recently, but people seem to forget that the guy went through one of the most gruesome injuries ever. It’s takes a while to come back from that. Take that injury away, and Gordon stay the great player he was when he came over from Utah.

But all those moves essentially mean nothing right now. We’re talking about tonight. Ainge needs to be on his A game. The city of Boston deserves it. The Celtics deserve it for crying out loud. Don’t mess tonight up Danny.

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