How Does Skip Bayless Still Have A Job?

Contrary to what you’re probably thinking, this is not a hit piece on Skip Bayless. I am genuinely asking the question. Because after the embarrassing performance he put on during these NBA Finals, someone needs to ask how this man is still employed as FS1.

Granted, it’s a question that I already know the answer to.


Skip’s show ‘Undisputed’, which he hosts with Shannon Sharpe, brings in an average of about 150,000 viewers daily. Sounds decent right? In comparison, the show’s direct competition, and Skip’s former show ‘First Take’, garners at least 400,000 viewers per day in virtually the same time slot (Undisputed starts a half hour earlier).

Fox Sports 1 is apparently fine with the ratings Undisputed brings in so there’s no way the show, or Skip, will be going anywhere anytime soon. But still, someone has to talk to him about how bad his critiques were of the NBA Playoffs this year.

And of one person in particular: Kawhi Leonard.

I mean, take a look for yourself:

On the surface this seems like a decent critique right? Without seeing the play, you’d assume that Kawhi maybe had on guy to beat to drive to the hoop for game winning lay up, right? Well unfortunately for Skip, we have video of the play in question…

So….upon further review, Kawhi 100% made the best play there. He could’ve tried to drive and either get the ball stripped or catch a charge. Not an ideal outcomes. Could he have forced a jumper? Sure. With two hands in his face and probably getting blocked in the process.

Let’s continue:

Yeah? Has VanVleet ALWAYS been their closer? Not Lowry? Not Derozan when he was there? Blatant nonsense being spewed here.

This is cute. Skip is so butthurt by Kawhi leaving his team that he can’t even bring himself to say his name. He’s like a scorned lover who can’t even say his exes name. Kawhi Leonard is Skip’s Lord Voldemort.

Has Mr. Bayless seen a therapist about this yet? Cause I feel like we’re at that point..

I…I don’t even know what the hell this means. Is he talking about when he refused to play for the Spurs last year because he knew his body wasn’t ready? Pretty sure Leonard knows his body better than a team doctor does.

After all, it’s a TEAM doctor. So they’re gonna do whatever they can to clear a player, regardless of said players feel of his own body.

This is the crown jewel. You can almost hear the jealousy just by reading the quote without even watching the video. Skip will never let go of the fact that Kawhi Leonard didn’t like the way he was treated in San Antonio, jumped ship and won a title the very next year. He’s basically admitted as much numerous times throughout these Finals.

Skip Bayless can’t have an unbias opinion on anything that has to do with Kawhi Leonard. Most talk show hosts will try to hide their hate or vitriol for a player or a team, but not good ol Skip. Why am I bringing this up though? Why am I seemingly making a big deal out of something that happens daily with other people?

No one has been so outspoken and outwardly idiotic and unbendingin their takes when it comes to their sports bias. That’s why. We all know that Stephen A hates the Cowboys. We know that Shannon Sharpe will go against Tom Brady until the day he dies. Max Kellerman hates everything Boston.

But what’s the difference between all them and Skip? Each of them have, at one point or another, given their enemies credit. And you can tell that each of them also have some sort of respect for their enemies. They let you in on their gimmick.

Bayless, on the other hand, defiantly opposes No. 2 with every fiber in his body. It’s very true, very real hate that comes outta mouth day in and day out.

And this makes his talk show extremely predictable and repetitive to watch. If Kawhi hits a game winning shot, he’ll think of every excuse under the sun and say it’s luck.

And if he makes a decision that doesn’t pan out, he’ll say he should’ve tried to be there hero like in the tweet I posted earlier. It gets very frustrating to watch a ‘professional’ continue to not have any professional or legitimate takes when it comes to a specific player. Even Tom Brady’s greatest detractors admit when he shows his brilliance.

The entertaining part of watching these shows is watching one of the hosts admit that they were wrong and eat some crow. That’s what makes shows bearable to watch. Because even though we may hate their takes, we still keep coming back because we know that they are rational human beings and will not stubbornly dig their feet in when they have been proven wrong.

Skip does not do that. He tries to find a new angle where he’s actually right and you’re just always wrong. It’s with every topic he speaks about too, not just this example. Why would I keep coming back to watch someone who’s never going to see reality and solely lives in his own fantasy world where he’s never wrong?

Every day it’s the same bag of tricks. Some random bet for cases of Mountain Dew with Shannon. Every football topic reverting back to the Dallas Cowboys. Every basketball debate going back to how Jordan is better than Lebron. It’s the same shit over and over and over again.

I think it may be time for Skip Bayless to hang it up. Ya had a good run kid, time to go.

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