OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby Are Gonna Join Forces Aren’t They?

2019 just keeps getting weirder and weirder by the day. The notorious OJ Simpson apparently is working on making the comebacks of all comebacks.

Including this video ending in a not so subtle threat that I feel like not enough people are worried about:

“I got a little gettin’ even to do..”

That was god damn chilling. The slight look off camera right before he says it and then immediately goes into the “God bless, take care.” It’s like in a scary movie when the villain says something creepy but does it in such a lighthearted manner that you don’t notice it at first. This guy is a psychopath.

Getting even to do? What does that mean exactly? For a normal person, this would probably mean just firing back at the people who have talked shit over the years. But with Juice? This man is NOT a normal person. He killed two people and somehow, kinda sorta got away with it in the sense that he isn’t locked up for life.

I feel like I need to say this again. This man sliced the throats of two human beings and has made a mockery/joke of the entire situation ever since. THIS is the man who said he has some “gettin’ even to do”. Yeah, OJ needs to be on a National Watch List.

But OJ is not the only reason for this blog. Something that slipped through the cracks for a lot of people yesterday was THIS:

I mean what the hell is going on in the world? OJ making pseudo-death threats and now Bill Cosby is out here saying Happy Father’s Day with a bunch of random hashtags.

I love how he puts ‘America’s Dad’ like he really thinks that’s still the nickname that he goes by. Nah Bill, America isn’t really messing with you anymore so I think we can retire that nickname, thank you very much. Piece of shit.

Nice touch to add a video about racism in America to the post too. Kinda random, but I like the sympathy move. Although the #FarFromFinished leaves me a little worried. Between Simpson saying he’s gonna be getting back at people and Cosby saying he’s not finished, I feel like we should just nip this in the butt (I refuse to believe the saying is ‘bud’) and just shut their social media down.

HOWEVA, I feel like these two are on a collision course to an Instagram live together or something like that. It makes sense considering these are two previously beloved and revered celebrities who will now go down in history for a much different reason than what their respective careers were.

I’m obviously not rooting for this or anything like that. I think that both men should be locked up for the rest of their useless lives. But in the day and age we are in, it just seems inevitable that these two will link up eventually. They are two figures who desperately want to rehabilitate their careers/lives.

Both of them are the scum of the Earth, there’s no doubt about that. But in the screwed up world we live in today, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them both pop up on eachothers timelines or even some sort of interaction.

2019 man, crazy times.

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