Lebron Has No Excuse’s Now With Anthony Davis


I called this by the way on my blog about The Queen’s Dream Team.

Whatta bomb to drop for the weekend Woj! Lebron got the apple of his eye in Anthony Davis. But uuuuhhh…holy shit what a load the Pelicans got!

We all knew Lonzo was gonna be gone. That much was basically set in stone. Ingram and Hart leaving isn’t a surprise either. What really caught my eyes were the THREE (3) FIRST ROUND PICKS! Are you kidding me? There is not one player in the NBA who is worth 3 first rounders. Holy shit.

The Pelicans have to feel good about this trade though. They get essentially two starters and 3 picks to set their future up nicely going forward.

The Lakers on the other hand? The just screwed up big time. I’m talking long term though. Cause short term this makes a ton of sense. You have Bron Bron in the twilight of his career so you gotta add as much talent as you can around him. He’s not the player he once was and clearly can’t carry a team to the playoffs anymore. He needs as much help as he can possibly get and the Lakers got him the best option they could.

But what happens when Lebron either drinks himself out of the league or decides to go all Hollywood on their asses? LA will be left with a superstar in Davis, but what else? Nothing.

So The Queen got his King finally. Lebron can go back to racking up his stats and letting another player take the crucial shots while he continues to try to catch the ghost of Jordan all while trying to kickstart his acting career.

Max Kellerman out here making outrageous claims already:

As a Celtics fan I am pumped that this trade happened. In case you didn’t see, it was leaked that Ainge was willing to trade basically every player that you really care about for a superstar. Cause that worked so well with Kyrie…

Yeah, let’s trade out budding superstar of the future along with the heart and soul of this team for a one year rental. Boston would’ve rebelled so hard against this.

I don’t wanna hear any of you complain that LA Lebron doesn’t have any help next year.

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