Warriors Let Down America And Lose To The Canadian Raptors


This must be how you all feel watching the Patriots lose huh? My god I love this feeling. The Golden State Warriors are such an insufferable team to watch. You almost get the sense that they have this entitled feeling that they play with.

Don’t worry though Golden State, I know you’ll make the injury excuse as to why you lost. Whatever helps you sleep better at night!

I gotta say this right off rip here, watching Steph Curry play basketball make me so mad. I have never seen a player focus on solely getting a foul as opposed to actually making the shot. I know that every player does it, but with him it’s just so obvious. The guy will run in the lane, look over his shoulder and jump backwards into the defender to try to get the foul.

And if he doesn’t get it? Watch out! Cause he will bitch and complain the entire way back up the other end of the court. I’m sick of hearing people put this tiny man in the discussion for the best player in the league or one of the best all time. He’s a tremendous shooter, yes. But he’s an absolute liability on defense and is too small to make an impact on the glass. Can’t be an all-time great when you can’t do half the stuff needed to be considered one.

But enough of Curry, I gotta talk about Klay Thompson. Had a great game going, and then this happened:

I mean, at first watch I heckled the shit outta him. But looking at this angle, it definitely doesn’t look great. This led to him getting carried off the court which was a great call back to Paul Pierce getting carried off so many years ago.

But then, plot twist! He comes back!

What a warrior!Man says screw you to the medical staff and comes back out to shoot free throws. Great idea, with what this team did to Kevin Durant, I’d wanna be as far away from them as possible.

So was it all for show? Getting carried off, just to come back and get the crowd and team going? But wait…now he’s not coming back?

I get that he wants to come out and shoot the free throws so then he’d be eligible to come back in after getting checked out. But if he was healthy enough to walk out of the tunnel, shoot free throws, then walk all the way back up the tunnel…then why did he have to get carried off like he just got shot in the leg? I don’t know.

And then he leaves the building on crutches!?

****full disclosure, this was written before it was reported he has a torn ACL****

I still just don’t understand how the Warriors looked so dominated in this series. Toronto is pretty good. They have Kawhi, Lowry and then a bunch of role players. But you have Curry, Thompson, Green, and Iggy? A ‘battle tested’ team and head coach…and you lose to the Raptors?

This is the same Warriors team that has beaten Lebron James and his cast of characters. I don’t know, maybe the Warriors needed Kevin Durant more than we thought?

Oh well. Moral of the story in Golden State let down America tonight. They lost to a foreign country in the last game at their home arena. That’s a tough pill to swallow. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the end of the Warriors Dynasty as we know it.

And BY THE WAY, has Drake cemented his legacy as the biggest fraudulent fan in the history of sports? I’m not even talking about constantly wearing jerseys from different teams. If you are such a big fan and embassador for the Toronto Raptors, how do you not go with them on the road in Game 6? I can understand regular road games, but in a possible close out game!? Come on Aubrey. That’s bullshit.

Make way for the King’s of the North!

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