Kyrie ‘The Fraud’ Irving Needs To Be Forgotten

So here I am, sitting there trying to wallow in my own misery last night after the Bruins got embarrassed in Game 7. And for some god forsaken reason, all I kept seeing is this assholes name pop up.

Boston, both fans and media alike, I gotta ask, why the hell are we still caring about anything this asshat does!? HE’s GONE! HE DOES NOT FIT IN WITH THE CELTICS! The guy wanted to be a leader so damn bad, and fell flat on his face when given the chance. LET HIM GO!

But no, what do I see?


I can understand the national media covering this. Why wouldn’t they? A big name in the league is firing his agent and signing with another all while leaking that he ‘still hasn’t removed the Celtics from consideration’ which is fine. But guess what Kyrie? The entire city of Boston has removed YOU from OUR consideration. Get the hell outta here.

You’re not a Celtic. You never will be. You were a transplant, brought here to specifically bring a NBA Title back to Boston. You failed. You disrupted team chemistry and assisted in stunting the growth of young players. Go away, please.

The same local guys who are reporting this are the same guys who want Anthony Davis to come here as well. Why? Davis clearly doesn’t want to come here, just like Kyrie didn’t. What makes you think that relationship will end any differently? But this isn’t about AD, this is about the fraud that is Kyrie Irving.

Tweets like this are cute too:

So an 8 minute compilation of good plays from Irving is enough to make you forget all the other shit he brought with him?

Sure, he’s an amazing basketball talent. That’s not up for debate. But just because a player has talent does NOT mean that he fits everywhere. Kyrie, like I have said numerous times, is not a fit for Boston. His style of play directly goes against everything Stevens and this team is working towards. That’s why he was so good with Bron Bron cause when the Queen wanted to pass the buck to someone else, Kyrie would dribble dribble dribble and take the burden himself.

We don’t do hero ball in Boston. That’s part of why Tatum got off to a slow start last year. He trained with Kobe and I’m sure some of Bryant’s style rubbed off on him.

I’ll scream this from the rooftops until everyone understands: We do not need Kyrie to win a championship. We do not need a marquee star who is gonna come in and disrupt team chemistry and ball movement. The Boston Celtics, while being less talented overall once this putz leaves, will be better off for it in the long run.

Hey Kyrie:

Image result for entourage get the f out gif

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