Bruins Lose Game 7 And Everything Sucks

That was fucking gutwrenching. God damnit. You get to Game 7 and that’s the performance you put on the ice? Pathetic.

Blame all around on this one. Tuukka. Marchand. Krejci. Pasta. Everyone get’s a piece. Missed opportunities were the story of this game. The Bruins absolutely owned the first period. Scoring chance after scoring chance. Shot after shot. But nothing. The puck never found the back of the net and that should’ve been a sign of things to come.

Complete dominance by the home team, but the first ended with the Blues up 2-0. How the fuck does that happen?

There’s no brightside to this game. No silver-lining. This sucked.

The B’s came out with their best punch in the first period and Binnington, that little sniveling shit that he is, stood on his damn head. I hate him.

For the remaining two periods nothing went right for Boston. Pucks were sliding off their sticks. Turnovers were being handed out left and right. Scoring chances were squandered. And just like the period prior, no pucks found the back of the net.

Going into the third I felt weirdly confident. Like, come on, there’s no way this team is gonna keep playing like this. The Boston Bruins have come too far to let their season end like this! Come out, score one early and you’re right back in it. And just as important, you get the crown back into it as well. But none of that happened.

Missed opportunity after missed opportunity.

Once the Blues wen’t up 3-0 I knew. 2-0? Sure, you can come back from that. But 3-0? Nevermind 4-0 which it would soon become. This was it. The season was over.

Chara broke his jaw for nothing. Grizz came back in Game 7 for nothing.

As I sit here ready to go lay in bed, thankful that I won’t have to hear how the Blues have an interim coach, or that they were in last place to start the calendar year, or about their douchebag rookie goalie, I saw this tweet:

Boston teams really do find a way to make the losses hurt just as much as the wins feel good. Whether it’s a no show, blowout or letting a winnable game slip through our grasp, our home teams really know how to rip out hearts out.

But this also made me think, being a Boston sports fan is great. The losses hurt so much because we know how amazing the wins feel. The worst part of THIS loss though, is knowing how tough it is to get here. The Stanley Cup really is the toughest trophy to win. And seeing it presented to another team on OUR home ice fucking sucks.

And just like Game of Thrones, the Bruins take a great run and end it horribly.

So begins the long offseason until the B’s come back for another quest for the Cup. In the meantime we get to watch the supremely average Red Sox fumble their way through their season until football starts.

Thank you Bruins for a great season. Yes, everything is gonna suck for a while, but Boston is a hockey town. We’ll be back next season. Until then, fuck this.

5 thoughts on “Bruins Lose Game 7 And Everything Sucks

  1. Anyone who can watch a team go from dead last to the top based on pure, naked will and not take inspiration from it is seriously character-challenged.


  2. “And just as important, you get the crown back into it as well.”

    Crown? Sounds like a Freudian slip.

    2019 Stanley Cup Champs Baby!!!


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