Toronto Is Getting A Bad Wrap

Kevin Durant looked to have ruptured his achilles or something in his leg last night in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. It’s clear by this video that something went horribly wrong:

Durant proceeded to turn the ball over and fall to the floor grabbing his leg. Toronto went on a fastbreak down the other end of the court and the crowd was going wild. While this was happening though, Durant still sat, stewing in anger on the floor.

Makes sense. The guy knows the just got a major injury that’s probably gonna set him back 9-12 months. That sucks. No matter your opinion on Kevin Durant, it sucks to see people get THAT hurt on a play.

But instead of being the main lead on every talk show today, the actual injury itself is taking a backseat to something else. The Toronto crowd. They were heard cheering very loudly when Durant went down and consequently turned the ball over. There was even a douchebag in the crowd caught doing this:

It’s the dumbass standing in the Raptors jersey. Now did this guy waving know that KD had just suffered a very serious injury? Probably not. Based on how NBA players act, Durant may not have even been hurt. But even still, this guy looks like a giant piece of shit.

I don’t have an issue with people roasting this guy online today. My issue is with the people acting like the city of Toronto are the worst people in the world for cheering when Durant went down. Acting all high and mighty like they wouldn’t have reacted the same way if they were a fan of the Raptors.

Although this video is pretty damning..

Allow me to play devils advocate here for a second here okay? How are we so sure that the entire arena was cheering cause KD went down? I mean, the Raptors were on a fastbreak the other way right? That normally warrants a pretty big reaction from the crowd. Half the people in that picture aren’t even looking at Durant, and of the half that are, not all of them seem to have their mouths open cheering.

And like I mentioned before, don’t try to act all holier than thou and act like you’ve never cheered from your home watching a player on the other team go down.

I can recall numerous times where Peyton Manning took a while getting up from being sacked while I was yelling something along the lines of “I HOPE HE BROKE YOUR FUCKING COLLARBONE PUSSY BOY!” And I don’t regret it.

I mean, I’ve wished harm on countless Blues players during this NHL Stanley Cup Finals! And I guarantee you while watching a Blues player commit yet ANOTHER egregious hit, I’ll be calling for someone to break his leg.

It’s sports. It’s what fans do. Now do I ever genuinely wish true harm on these guys? Of course not. But as a fan, you get wrapped up in the game and may say some crazy shit! So seeing these Torontonians cheer for a quick second when they saw an opposing player go down is NOT out of bounds in my eyes.

Especially when you add to it that once the crowd saw how serious the injury was, they started chanting “KD!” and cheered him when he walked off the court. Drake definitely overreacted a little bit though….

And also, can we stop acting like athletes need to be treated better than any other person on the planet? Hey guess what, you play professional sports for a living. You’re gonna get doubted and heckled, fairly or unfairly, every single time you play. Stop acting so butthurt about it all the time.

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