So The Avengers Game Is Finally Here…And Uh…Wow

Marvel has had this game in the quiver for what seems like an eternity now. Way back in 2017 we got a small trailer showing Caps shield and a few other things. And now we finally got the LONG awaited trailer.

And if we’re in the trust tree here, it was kiiiiinda a letdown.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still buy this game and most likely enjoy every minute of it. But at first glance, it’s underwhelming. I mean, what the hell is wrong with Cap?

I just don’t get like…why he looks like that? He looks bloated. and weird. I get that they aren’t using the likeness of the real life actors but still, this is just…not that good. And that suit is horrendous looking too. Even if he didn’t look puffy, that suit is hideous.

Other than the weirdness of how Cap and Thor look, the actual trailer itself is kinda blah. Seems to have a decent storyline with the Avengers being set up and Captain America dying (?) which I’m sure is just a giant swerve. We got Hulk fighting Abomination which should be a pretty fun fight to control. But my main gripe is that we really didn’t get any idea as to what the actual gameplay is gonna look like.

I mean, I don’t need the entire trailer filled with actual gameplay, but it would’ve been nice for them to show us something you know?

I’m not gonna sit here and act like I’m not pumped to fly around as Iron Man or figure out how to throw Cap’s shield or have fun turning into the Hulk though. That all should be a blast. Even playing with Black Widow should give us a more grounded, realistic battle feel.

My biggest gripe with this trailer is actually something that we don’t even see..

Where the hell is Hawkeye!? They didn’t even hint towards his appearance in any type of way either. Is he just not in this game? I find that hard to believe..

I guess if I had to sum up this trailer as a whole, I guess I’d say it really looks like a knock-off Avengers game. And I hate to say that. But the characters look like cheap, amusement park game animated creations.

But like I said before, I’m still gonna get this game and most likely have a good time playing it. I just feel like as I’m going through it, I’m just gonna sit here wishing it was better than it is. If you’re not gonna use the same looks or voices as the actors who play the heros on the big screen, then you best come with you A game. And I just feel like Square Enix missed the mark with this one.

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