Bruins Dominate Dirty Blues

What a god damn response! Tuukka stands on his head. Chara and others are just bullying people. Marchand showed up. 5-1. And we’re on to Game fucking 7 baby!

A few days after the officials handed the Blues their game winning goal, the Bruins came out in ‘screw you’ mode and essentially owned this game from start to finish. Yes, I know it wasn’t a shutout, but still. If you watched this game, once the B’s went up by 3, you knew. You knew this bitch was coming back to Boston.

Add a goal by Pasta and an empty netter by Chara and the Blues souls were officially snatched. They probably went into this game thinking they had this win in the bag. I mean, you KNOW they did….

The Blues should’ve checked in with Falcons owner Art Blank before assuming a win here. Didn’t work out for him and it didn’t work out for St. Louis either.

I gotta say though, I didn’t know that the Blues were such a dirty team. I mean, I know that Marchand isn’t a saint, but I mean, St. Louis doesn’t even try to hide it. Look no further than how this game ended to see proof of that.

This was cute by the way. Chara getting penalized for just being better than the Blues. It’s the Gronk Effect. You’re just so much bigger and stronger than the other guy that you get calls normal sized humans wouldn’t get.

And we also have to give a huge thank you to Tuukka Rask here. For years he’s been ridiculed and shit talked by fans and local media, but this playoff run he’s been terrific. Granted, the B’s scored 5 in front of him tonight but still, he played well enough for this game to be a one goal win.

Oh, and by the way, look who’s a Bruins fan….

I’m sick of hearing all the shit about how the Blues were in last place 3 months ago. How they have an interim head coach. Or how they have a rookie goalie in net. Feel good stories are great, but sometimes David doesn’t beat Goliath.

In case you forgot, this is Boston. City of Champions. Titletown. We don’t fold in the face of pressure, we thrive in it. We are battle tested. You’re not gonna call obvious penalties? That’s fine. We’ll come out and shove the puck down your throat the next night.


Wednesday night.

See ya in Game 7.

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