Aaron Rodgers Is The Worst

I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like this is an unbiased opinion. If you know me, you know that there are two athletes I can’t stand. One of them is Lebron James.

And the other is Aaron Rodgers.

Now with Lebron, people can claim it’s jealousy and that he has knocked my team out of the playoffs more than I’d like to admit. And you probably have some iota of a point there. But with Rodgers, there’s no such jealousy.

I mean, he has 1 title….my quarterback has 6. There’s really no competition.

He plays on a team where he improvises constantly, lucks his way into hail mary’s and stat pads towards the end of the game because his team is playing from behind most of the time.

But this isn’t a ‘bring up every reason I hate Aaron Rodgers’ blog. This blog is being written for one reason:

The great ones don’t say the’re great. They let other people say it for them.

Rodgers, following the lead of Queen James, continues to tout himself as the best that’s playing.

I don’t care if this is a joke or not. All jokes are rooted in some sort of truth. And this asshat truly believes he is head and shoulders above all other QB’s out there.

Uhhhhh, hello, have you heard of this guy?

Sure, is Rodgers better than some of the other QB’s that chugged beers? For sure. I mean, he’s better than Stafford. But Mahomes? I think Mahomes is overrated and I’d still take him over One Ring Aaron anyday.

And look at the little smirk he has too? Like he just came up with the coolest joke in the world.

Umm, hey buddy, this joke has been going on for a few days now. Don’t try to hope on the bandwagon now to try to sound cool and make it seem like you got jokes. You don’t.

You don’t have jokes. But what you DO have is one ring. So go cry yourself to sleep tonight with said ring, and dream of a world where you’re actually the GOAT while we all live in a reality where you’re an overrated player with an inflated ego.

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