BREAKING NEWS: The Bills Are Winning The AFC East!

Arguably the best part, other than all the winning, of being a Patriots fan is watching analysts and fans twist their minds in a pretzel trying to back up their claims that ‘Team X’ will be the one to dethrone the Pats.

The first of many this year is Michael Robinson, who has declared this the year of the Buffalo Bills.

It’s tough to argue his case! I mean, look at all these difference makers he listed off: Frank Gore. A 36 year old running back is gonna somehow mentor Shady McCoy. You know, the same Shady who is now 30, injury prone, and stuck in his ways.

Cole Beasley. This poor man’s Julian Edelman is gonna be the difference for Josh Allen when it comes to completing those critical down passes. Don’t pay attention to the fact that Beasley is really the only option on the team so defenses will make sure he doesn’t get open when it matters most.

He then lists off a bunch of offensive linemen, one of which is LaAdrian Waddle. You know, a player the Patriots actually got rid of. If you’re looking for a track record of how offensive linemen do once they leave New England, just go talk to Nate Solder. The same Nate Solder that became the highest paid player at his position, only to perform like the worst at his position.

Ed Oliver. 9th pick in the draft this year, so I’m sure he’ll be good. But do star pass rushers ever really do well against Bill Belichick? Especially young ones? No.

Look at all the blinking he does at the end of the video too. You know why he’s blinking like a crazy person? He can’t stand to see the reaction of everyone listening to him spew his nonsense. No one blinks that much when they’re telling the truth.

By the way, any validity he may have had with his argument went out the window when I saw he was wearing a short sleeve shirt with a tie. Never do that. Only Dwight K. Schrute can dress like that and you, sir, are no Dwight.

Image result for dwight schrute it's true

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