Enema Of The State Is 20 Years Old!?

I was baffled when I saw this creep across my social media this morning. I think mostly because I still listen to almost every song on this album like it just dropped last week.

I speak in no hyperbole when I say that this is the most important album in Pop Punk (hate that term) history. From start to finish you won’t find one dud. It’s incredible. Albums just aren’t made like this anymore.

Every (good) artist or band has that one album that they put out that will stand the test of time. And Enema of the State is that album for Blink 182.

Nowadays Blink obviously isn’t the same. Tom is out trying to fight aliens, while Mark and Travis are still carrying on the Blink 182 banner with new frontman Matt Skiba. And while I still enjoy their new shit, nothing, and I mean NOTHING will ever come close to this album.

Listening to the album right now, you forget how quoteable every single song on this album is. My god, I love Blink 182.

Of course, I gotta give you my top 5 from this masterpiece.

#5. All The Small Things

Yep, this song makes the list. I don’t care that fans have almost rebelled against it. This song is amazing and you can’t deny that. It’s the perfect Blink song. If you meet someone and they don’t know this song, kick them to the curb. They suck. Another great, great music video too. I still don’t know what ‘commiserating’ means though….

All the, small thiiiiiiiingsss

#4. Adam’s Song

If you didn’t sit in your room, by yourself, blasting this song trying to feel all deep and sad, you missed out. Teenage angst at its finest here.

#3. Going Away To College

So this is one of those songs that is good, but it holds more weight because of the sentimental value. The song still bangs regardless though. Just like every other song on the album. And the lyric “This worlds an ugly place, but you’re so beautiful to meeeeee”

#2. What’s My Age Again

One of the best music videos of all the times. One could even say iconic. I don’t care that this song is mainstream. Sometimes a track is just SO good it doesn’t matter how much it gets played on the air. And this is one of those songs.

#1. Aliens Exist

This is one of my favorite Blink songs of all time. I know it’ll be lower on most peoples list but there’s just something about this track that makes me love it more and more with each listen.

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