Tom Brady Hates The Patriots

Tom Brady is a problem ladies and gentlemen.

I mean sure, has Tom brought unprecedented success to the New England Patriots and with it the title of ‘Greatest Dynasty the NFL has ever seen’? Well, yeah sure. But even with that being true, why isn’t he practicing with the entire team at a Patriots facility!? EXPLAIN THAT!

How can you defend the unquestioned leader of the entire team openly shunning the majority of his teammates so he can play catch with his buddy’s in his back yard? I mean really, has Brady just given up on the organization? Has the stress of taking the backseat to Fuhrer Belichick finally caught up to him? Maybe he’s just sick and tired of year in and year out dealing with the Patriot Way!

Sorry, I can’t continue to even joke about this nonsense. Noted internet troll Ben Volin decided to post this article today desperately trying to cling on to the last shred of relevance he has by consistently trying to create this imaginary rift between Brady and his team.

I need to break this down paragraph by paragraph cause guys, this is Volin at his peak trollness. Lets first just start with the title, “Why can’t Brady simply attend voluntary Patriots practices?” Adding the word ‘simply’ in there is a good touch. Makes it seem like he’s going out of his way to go against the team. My god I despise this man.

Now let’s get into the article itself. Here’s the first lil snippet. He talks about the post that Brady did this weekend while he was training at his home:

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It’s a family affair.

A post shared by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on

Now, any Pats fan would look at this post and get hyped. You see Brady spending time working out with, not only Edelman, but Patriots promising first round draft pick N’Keal Harry. But Benny boy had a different outlook.

“The photos elicited two immediate reactions.
One, shared by most Patriots fans: Good job by Brady to get in some extra work with Harry, the team’s first-round pick. The Patriots are counting on Harry to be an immediate contributor, and hope he can one day be a star. The more work Brady can get with Harry, the better.
Two, apparently not shared by many Patriots fans: Can’t Brady just get in this work at the Patriots’ offseason practices in Foxborough?”

Why does it matter where he does his voluntary workouts? He did this same exact thing last year and I think that ended pretty well don’t you? He says ‘apparently’ like he’s surprised that he’s the only one who has his panties all up in a bunch over this.

Volin then goes into this weird stalker mode where he tries to piece together Brady’s exact whereabouts based upon his posts on social media. I mean, that’s literally shit that you see psychopaths do in movies.

And then we get this:

“Last week we saw just how adamant Brady is about skipping offseason workouts. He was in town, but instead of joining his teammates in Foxborough, he had Harry drive up to Brookline to work out with him.
Doesn’t that seem . . . overly complicated?”

Oh noooo! He made someone drive to his house!? So instead of having Harry drive to a Patriots facility, he had him drive to a different location!? The balls on this man!

Throughout this entire article, ever sentence that Volin writes is almost blatantly hating Brady and every decision he makes. No wonder most stars in New England hate the local media. You got clowns like Trollin Volin running around.

We get more Detective Ben when he starts to dispute a blog written by Barstool Sports where they stated that the pictures shared in that Instagram post were actually from Brady’s compound in Montana. Volin, clearly knowing the exact terrain of all of Montana and how that differs from Mass, states this:

“I should mention that Barstool Sports wrote that Saturday’s photos with Edelman and Harry were taken at the Brady vacation compound in Montana. I can’t officially debunk that, but A. It sure looked like Brookline, not Montana

I had a real issue with this little tid bit right here though:

“It’s not that OTAs are critical, as Brady and the Patriots proved by winning the Super Bowl last year. No one has any doubts about Brady keeping himself in shape.
But these four weeks do offer a good opportunity for Brady to build a base with Harry and all of his new receivers before training camp begins. There’s also the symbolism of having your leader and star quarterback participating in workouts like everyone else, setting the tone for the season.”

So, he basically admits that everything he’s writing is useless since he concedes that it doesn’t really matter considering the outcome of last year. You know, when Brady did this same thing and it ended with another Lombardi.

He states that these weeks offer a good opportunity for Brady to train with receivers like Harry, but isn’t that exactly what he’s doing with N’Keal as we speak? Brady probably feels like a more intimate, one-on-one training, along with Edelman, would be more productive for the young receiver.

And as for the other receivers being brought on by the team? A regular training camp with them should be fine considering none of them are rookies. First year players should have more attention paid to them and that’s exactly whats happening here.

And please shut the hell up about this symbolism shit. The team knows how committed Brady is. They, unlike this piece of shit Volin, don’t need those beliefs to be validated by Toms presence.

Oh, can’t forget this one:

“And let’s not forget that Brady wasn’t exactly MVP vintage last year after skipping OTAs. The Patriots had another slow start to the season, Brady regressed in most of his stats, and the offense mostly was shut down in the Super Bowl.”

Are we really gonna do this again? The first four weeks of the Patriots season is almost always ugly. Belichick himself has called it just an extension of the preseason. So one can’t put too much weight into how a team starts.

And as for the Super Bowl? Admittedly, both offenses were kept quiet, but that doesn’t mean that Brady didn’t have it that game. He looked fine. This is just Volin once again looking for anything he can in order to criticize this quarterback.

Moving on though.

“Brady’s absence this year can’t just be about wanting to spend more time with his family. You get to sleep in your own bed during OTAs. Every weekend is a three-day weekend.”

Oh okay, now you get to decide how much time is enough time for Brady to spend with his family? I honestly wonder if Ben Volin knows how ridiculous he sounds sometimes.

And then we get more of him trying to keep the tired idea of this ongoing battle between coach and quarterback going by writing this:

“Most likely, Brady’s absence has to do with the time commitment. Perhaps Bill Belichick told Brady to just stay away if he were only going to show up sporadically throughout the offseason. Or maybe Brady would like to attend the practices but not the workouts, and with Belichick, it’s either all or nothing. Offseason workdays can last up to 10 hours in the team facility, which I’m sure Brady feels is not the most productive use of his time.”

That entire paragraph is just Volin trying to find some sort of way to spin this into ‘Belichick hates Brady still!” Taking wild leaps and jumping to idiotic conclusions that this all has to do with Belichick still despising his star quarterback. Even though Bill has repeatedly stated that his relationship with Brady is fine.

Volin again at the end of the article still seems so fixated on the fact that Brady forced Harry to drive to Brookline instead of just going to where the normal workouts would take place. I just don’t get it.

Like I said before, any normal thinking Patriots fan looks at this as a complete positive. Brady is not only working out with his teams first round draft pick, but he brought him to his freaking house to do so! Brady clearly expects big things from the receiver so he wants to make sure Harry feels at home on the team. And what better way than to get invited to the GOAT’s home?

But if you’re someone like Ben Volin, who’s constantly looking for something to criticize about Brady and the Patriots, you look at this as another topic you can twist to fit your narrative that this team is on the verge of imploding.

Fuck you Ben Volin.

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