Lebron James Needs To Be Stopped

No, I’m not talking about on the court. His age and budding drinking problem will do a fine job of slowing him down there.

I’m talking about his off the court nonsense the past couple days.

We had this insufferable Instagram story :

He made sure to get all his ‘friends’ in the video too with him. Almost to be like “See! Look at this Instagram, I have friends! I don’t suck the life out of everything I touch!”

I mean, can you imagine being at a party with this fraud? And you know the type of person he is too. He’s the girl (or guy) who just sits there the entire time trying to get the perfect video singing/rapping to the song in the background.

While everyone else is sitting around having fun and actually conversing like human beings, this self-absorbed shit is trying to find the perf vid to post on the gram.

Every single thing this guy does just comes off as a desperate attempt to look cool or to show that he’s ‘just like everyone else’ and not the arrogant, pompous lameass that he really is.

And yesterday we found out that, guess what, relatable Bron Bron also LOVES Taco Tuesday’s just like almost every other person on Earth. Isn’t he just so quirky and cool!

I hate his face. I fucking hate it. Look at it, seriously. This is a face only a mother can love, and guess what, she’d hate it too.

I don’t have a problem with him doing this in his house with his kids. That’s fine. In between pouring glasses of Pinot I’m sure he has time to goof around with his family. My issue is him posting it. It’s such a fake moment!

When you post a video of you doing something you find funny, very rarely is it ever genuine. Lebron is doing this for the likes and once again trying to make himself relatable. But like everything he does, its just as cringeworthy as can be.

And now we get this from Barstool Sports about Lebron:

Someone is butthurt! For a man who claims to have thick skin and not pay attention to what people say or post on social media, this is a weird move.

How can someone can send a C&D to a company for posting a video that is on SOCIAL MEDIA already that anyone can repost as well? It’s not like Barstool sent this video originally. They saw it online, it’s funny, and they reposted it. Like every single person does with every single video you see.

What’s the video you ask? Oh, just Bronny Jr. acting like an asshat:

No harm, no foul. But if you’re Lebron James, these are fighting words and now he’s going at Barstool Sports. Which, if I have to give my two cents, probably isn’t the best move if we’re being honest. But oh well.

Clearly Lebron is in spiraling right now though. He’s desperately trying to stay in the limelight all while being more sensitive than he’s ever been. It’s sad to see really.

I don’t know if it’s because he killed the Lakers, didn’t make the playoffs or his drinking problem is getting the best of him, but one thing is for certain. These are all cries for help.

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