The NBA Sucks

Divas. Fake tough guys. Soft play. Narcissistic, spotlight obsessed stars. This is what the NBA has become.

Let’s just talk about the actual play on the court for a minute.

The games themselves have become borderline unwatchable. Unless your team is playing or it’s your job to cover the sport, I don’t understand how anyone can sit through an entire basketball game and say this is a good product.

You see a superstar like Lebron or KD drive to the hoop and you know there’s about a 98% chance a foul will get called. And most of the time you know that foul is gonna be complete horseshit. A slight tap on the wrist or a dramatic throw of the arms and you get yourself 2 free throws. It’s ridiculous.

I mean look at this foul, which was called on Curry for some reason..

It slows the game down and is filled with inconsistencies. And the worst part is, the announcers flat out admit to it. You’ll have a rookie or a 2 year player drive to the net and CLEARLY get fouled, not get the call, and the announcers say something like “Not this time kid, gotta earn that call.” Are you kidding me? So whether or not you get a foul call is dependent upon how long you’ve been in the league? Makes sense.

And the 3-pt foul always makes me laugh. Initiate contact with the defender or fall when you go to land. You’ll get it every time!

And if you don’t get the call you want? Don’t worry about it. A well timed flop will do the trick as well!

Traveling is only called when the refs want to call it, too. They should just let players take as many steps as they want whenever they’re within the 3-pt line. I mean, it’s what they do now anyway.

These are just things that people just accept when it comes to this league and it’s nonsense. How you can stand by a sport like this is baffling.

Now let’s talk about the Association this year.

Kevin Durant has been in the news more and more recently and rarely because of his play on the court. What team is he gonna go to next year? How does he feel about the Warriors succeeding without him? Did you see what Durant tweeted!? All these debates have taken up multiple segments across every sports talk show this week. Any segment that has to do with basketball almost always devolves into one of those topics being brought up.

Kyrie Irving can’t seem to stop getting his name brought up either, even though he’s not even in the playoffs anymore. Where is Kyrie gonna go!? Is he a leader? Is he gonna go back with Lebron?

Don’t even get me started on Bron Bron. The guy didn’t even make the playoffs and he STILL gets brought up on a daily basis by every network. How does Lebron feel about his new coach/Magic leaving? Who does Lebron want to play with next year? Lebron showed up to the Lakers facility! Lebron is gonna take a step back this offseason and let his team recruit players (even though it was reported a week ago that Bron was actively trying to get Kawhi).

I understand that with every sport, you can’t solely talk about the games. There are always things happening off the field/court that deserve conversation.

But when these topics get brought up multiple times on the same talk show while the actual games that are being played only get one segment, that’s a problem. When what’s happening off the court is more newsworthy than the actual games, that’s a problem!

If I am more interested in what’s going on behind the scenes or with teams that aren’t even in the playoffs, then there’s something wrong with your sport.

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