Brady’s Security Blanket Is Getting Locked Up

Lets fucking goooo!!

I don’t care how much money this deal is for. Pay the man. Keep him here as long as Brady wants to stay.

Other than Brady, Edelman is one of the most important pieces of this offense. Not just with his play on the field (all drops notwithstanding) but also with what he brings to the locker room.

It’s honestly kinda sad to think about though, the actual details of this deal. People are saying this is gonna take him to the end of his career. Which would be in 2 years. This offseason we lose Gronk, there was talk of Devin McCourty retiring, and now we get this. Bittersweet news. Edelman is gonna remain a Patriots until his dying day, but that day is coming up sooner than we all want.

That’s what’s actually unnerving about this deal though. You have to think Brady wants Jules here for the duration of his time left in the league. So with this deal being only 2 years, is this an early sign that Tom really will be done in a couple seasons?

That’s a horrible though to think about on a Tuesday.

Instead, here’s a few of Edelman’s best plays as a Patriot.

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