Valar Morghulis

I have defended this season.

I have told everyone “Well, yeah sure that was kinda blah but just wait and give them a chance…”

I have always tried to find a way to make sense of anything that these showrunners put in front of us.

But tonight? Not anymore.

With this episode, Game Of Thrones blew up the entire cache of love and respect that they built with the fans like Wildfire. Actually, not just this episode alone, this entire season has been one giant rushed, mess. If you think otherwise you are a more forgiving person than I.

I honestly don’t even know where to start. I’m gonna try to keep this all confined to this episode alone but I will definitely still be throwing earned jabs at the season as a whole.

Let me get the good stuff out of the way. The first half of this episode was phenomenal. We got meaningful dialogue, great visuals as well as character AND plot development.

Tyrion breaking down when seeing Jamie and Cersei buried under all the ruble beneath the Red Keep was awesome. For all the shit he and his siblings have been through, at the end of the day, they’re all Lannisters.

Seeing Grey Worm and Jon have a tense moment in the streets before the former slaughtered surrendering Lannister troops. That was great. Showed just how far Grey Worm had fallen.

Then we get arguably one of, if not, the best shot ever in the shows history:

This was so cool. For all the shit this show is gonna get over the coming days and weeks, one thing is for certain. They almost always nail the imagery and camera shots (other than the most important battle in the show’s history, the Battle of Winterfell).

Dany giving her speech to all of her army was eerily similar to a scene you’d see involving Hitler. And it worked! Everything about that scene was great. Even Tyrion confronting her and throwing away his Hand of the Queen pin. All of it was just so good.

Speaking of Tyrion, he’s been the all-star for this show. His acting was absolutely impeccable. The scene in this episode with him and Jon talking about what needs to be done with Daenerys was great. The entire episode could’ve been those two talking in that room and it would’ve been better than what unfolded afterwards.

The entire first half of the episode came to a great crescendo when Khaleesi finally get’s killed. Her nephew/lover/frenemy Jon Snow gave the final blow.

And this is where the show starts to go off the rails.

Drogon burning the Iron Throne was a cool visual but it didn’t really make sense. Why did he? Was his connection with Dany so strong that he knew that the Throne was all she wanted and with her dead it meant that no one should get it? Was Drogon upset that the Iron Throne did this to her so he destroyed it out of rage? You can piece together your own reasoning here and make it all make sense, but this is where things started to get bad.

Then, we get a small time jump. A TIME JUMP! After arguably the most important moment in the entire show, we get a time jump without even seeing any of our characters react to it! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?

How did Grey Worm react? What stopped him from killing Jon right then and there? With Drogon flying off with Daenerys’ body, that means Jon had to confess to doing it. Why didn’t we get to see that? I would’ve loved to see that scene instead of the stupid comedy angle they did at towards the end with everyone sitting at the table. How did Sansa and Arya react to their brother being taken prisoner? For a show like Game of Thrones to continuously pass over big conversations and reactions in this episode and season, it’s no wonder the fans are rebelling against it.

I have not seen one good reason as to why we had to jump forward in time. Or why we were once again cheated out of seeing our favorite characters react to a big moment in the show. This has happened the entire season. Sansa and Arya finding out about Jon’s lineage. Bran and Tyrion talking at the fire. Sansa telling Tyrion about Jon. So many moments we got cheated out of.

So here, once again, they gave the fans nothing. Instead, we gloss over the death of one of the most prominent characters in the show, just to get to a prolonged ‘summit of leaders’ meeting. These showrunners have no idea what they’re doing anymore.

Half the people at this meeting we haven’t seen in forever or just simply don’t give a shit about! Like I couldn’t even tell you the name of half the people there. Remember this kid? Titty Boy? Yeah, he was there!

There is so much wrong with this scene. Why are we treating Grey Worm like he’s some sort of king? Why did we need Cat’s brother to stand up and give his pitch to me King? No one cares about him. Why did we need so much subtle humor in the final part of this episode? Why did our level-headed characters laugh at the notion of a Democracy?

I’m getting more and more upset talking about this episode so I’m just gonna wrap it up here. Bran the Broken becomes the new King of the Seven Kingdoms. Actually, 6 Kingdoms, since Sansa says the North will be it’s own independent kingdom. Which makes all the sense in the world.

Arya decides to go find out what is west of Westeros which is a cool call back to early in the show where she brings that up. Jon gets sent to the Nights Watch which apparently still exists. And we also get a completely out of place scene where Bran is at the table with Tyrion, Brienne, Bronn (remember him), and Davos.

Here’s the thing with this episode. I don’t have a gripe with where everyone ended up for the most part. It’s just the fact that we got there by skipping a shit ton of crucial steps! This episode, just like this season, was completely rushed and it ruined everything.

This episode should’ve been two parts and it would’ve been so much better. They would’ve had time to wrap up all the loose ends it a fitting way and address some of the breadcrumbs left throughout the show.

For instance, remember when it was a thing that Dany couldn’t get pregnant? Yep, didn’t matter. Remember how Jon was the rightful king? Yep, in the end no one cared but Daenerys. Remember the Prince that was promised? This show was so rushed towards the end that it didn’t even feel like the Game of Thrones we’ve all grown to know and love. And that’s sad.

When you have people saying that the episode ‘wasn’t terrible’ and ‘they did the best with what they had’, that’s embarrassing. Especially since it was the directors fault as to why everything played out how it did. HBO would’ve let it go on longer, but they refused. Maybe they just wanted to get past this so they could go work on Star Wars.

The last 15 minutes of the show was just a prolonged epilogue. Epilogues are great in books, not in TV shows. Especially when that TV show is basically the most successful, culturally impactful show in history. The showrunners knew where they wanted to go for the ending, but had no idea how to get there.

All in all, Game Of Thrones should be remembered as one of the greatest shows of all time. But what should also be remembered, is how badly the botched the ending.

And with that, my watch has ended.

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