Oh Hey, Zeke Is Back In The News

God damnit Zeke. For someone who actually kinda roots for the Cowboys to succeed, I’m really getting tired of seeing this bozo in the news so much.

We don’t need to get into all the other shit he’s done, but if you’re that interested just search Ezekiel Elliott and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Now onto this nonsense. Apparently Elliott was seen by a security guard having some sort of confrontation with a girl, seen below:

Image result for ezekiel elliott tmz

I’m not gonna jump to conclusions on the argument itself. It’s a very slippery slow to go down nowadays BUT I will say that it definitely doesn’t look good. And this entire thing happened around 3 a.m. so you know no one was sober here. But that being said, it really just looks like a regular kinda drunken fight that a couple would have.

Apparently a security guard then approached Zeke and that’s when Elliott started to step to the guy and kinda did the classic ‘body bump’ thing that people do to try to intimidate someone.

Here’s the entire video. Skip to the 55 second mark to see Zeke push the guy.

Now I’m gonna be honest here, we don’t know what this security guard said to Elliott. And also, whatta freaking flop by that Event Staff guy. Like, really? Stay on your feet bro. With a flop like that you should go try out for the NBA.

Now this entire thing is gonna get blown WAY out of proportion by the time every form of media gets a hold of it.

You’ll have talk show hosts saying how this is a disgrace to the league. Or how he deserves to be suspended and fined. Or some other overreaction.

No one will call this what it is though. Just an immature player put in a dumb situation where things got mildly out of hand. Nothing here really makes Elliott look like a menace or a bad guy or anything like that. It very well could all just be a misunderstanding.

How bout them Cowboys.

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