Is Mark Wahlberg A Fraud?

We all love Mark Wahlberg. If you’re from New England, the guy is basically a made man. He’s one of the most famous and recognizable New Englanders. He reps his region wherever he goes and we thank him for that.

When was the last movie he was in where it wasn’t either based in New England or had some sort of thread leading back to Boston?

But in the last few years, Wahlbergs stellar reputation with his hometown has taken a hit or two.

Firstly, let’s start with what broke the camels back and made me write this blog.

Jimmy Butler posted this picture on his Instagram yesterday:

Generic post by a teams star after his club gets knocked out of the playoffs like the bitches they are. I get it. But what’s a little more interesting is who commented on it:

Hey Mark, what the fuck are ya doing bud? Why is one of Boston’s most noteworthy fans throwing a heart emoji at the star from a team and city that we all hate!?

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. We see star athletes throw support across the aisle to players from other teams all the time. I mean hell, God himself, Tom Brady, has a love affair with Odell Beckham Jr via Instagram comments. But that’s different. Brady and Odell are apart of the sacred fraternity of NFL players. And who knows, that may have been a recruiting tool. So although the fans may not love it, there’s really nothing we can say about it.

But with this, it’s not even like Butler is retiring or anything. His team just lost. That’s it. If this was his last game or something like that then I get it. Respect. But that’s not what this is.

This would be like Matt Damon congratulating a Yankees Instagram post about winning an extra inning game on a walk off or something. It’s asinine. It’s treason.

But as I’m sure we all remember, this is not where Marky Mark first betrayed his homeland. He did the unthinkable when the Patriots were playing the Falcons in Super Bowl 51. Leaving during a game where your team is playing is blasphemy. Add in the fact that it was the Super Bowl and you have the GOAT at quarterback who has made a career of doing the unthinkable? Well, that should’ve been unforgivable.

And what was his excuse? That his son was sick. Oh wait, that’s not entirely correct.

Amid the ridicule for missing the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, Wahlberg posted on Instagram that his son, Brendan, was not feeling well.
In an interview with Men’s Health, Wahlberg revealed the actual reason behind the early departure. His son sort of wasn’t feeling well — but he wasn’t sick. Brendan was furious about the game.

Listen, if your son is legitimately sick, then I get it. I’m not talking just the stomach bug though. I need him to be on the floor, fluids coming out both ends, cold sweats and on the verge of death. That’s the only situation in which you leave the freaking Super Bowl where the Patriots are going for history.

But you mean to tell me that your son was just rolling around on the floor cause he was so upset with the game? Uh, hey, newsflash, ALL OF NEW ENGLAND WAS DOING THE SAME DAMN THING! No one was feeling mentally or physically healthy during this game. And we all dealt with it. Your 8 year old son would’ve been fine.

This leads me to think the unthinkable, is Mark Wahlberg a fake New England fanatic now?

I mean obviously he is still a fan of the teams. Growing up in the area you are basically bred to love the Sox, Pats, Bruins and Celts. If not then you get cast out like a deformed baby in ancient Rome.

But maybe all the years of stardom softened Wahlbergs fandom? It’s not unheard of. Hollywood changes people. Normally for the worse. Is this what we are witnessing before our very eyes here?

If you call yourself a fan of the Patriots, you would never leave that Super Bowl until the clock strikes 0. That’s bandwagon fan shit. That’s pink hat stuff. A die hard, like Mark claims he is, would’ve taken a few minutes to make sure precautions were taken to assist his son, and then head right back to watch the game. Especially knowing his son isn’t REALLY sick.

Also, a true fan would NEVER send a heart emoji to a player of a rival team. Ever. If the player in question had just played his last game then it may be okay. But even then, you can bet your ass I’m not sending a god damn heart emoji. I’ll say something like “Respect” or something like that.

I don’t know. I’m not saying we cast Mark Wahlberg out. We have a strong bond with each other and that’s not easily thrown away over a few mishaps. But I am saying we should be watching him closely.

One more mistake like this and it’s time we all sit down and have a serious talk.

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