Patriots Bringing Back Jamie Collins

Remember Jamie Collins? The guy who was freakishly athletic but ultimately got sent packing cause he was freelancing on plays too much? Yeah, that’s the guy the Pats just brought back.

I can’t say I’m overly excited about this addition. He was good while he was here, but again, having a player on your team who goes off script to try to make the big play has never been Belichick’s MO. I gotta assume that when New England met with Collins they made it very clear that there would be no more of that horseshit.

You can get away with that kinda stuff in Cleveland, but not here my friend.

As of this writing, the exact terms of his contract haven’t been disclosed. But with Jamie being only 29, I wouldn’t hate if they gave him a multi-year agreement. Obviously it would have to be very incentive based and maybe even have a team option at the end. But still, gotta watch this guy. If he, at any moment, goes solo on any play ya gotta sit him down and maybe even cut him.

It’s not like you’d hurt the team if he got sent on his way again. I mean, this team is loaded at linebacker. Hightower and Van Noy are your two starters and Collins isn’t going to beat either of them out of that spot. Then you got Elandon Roberts who played very well last year and Ja’Whaun Bentley coming back from his season ending injury. Bentley, in case you forgot, showed enormous potential before being put on injured reserve in week 3.

All in all this move can only help the Patriots. Adding talent at the linebacker position is always welcome, especially with teams throwing to players out of the backfield so much. Collins can disrupt that and also get to the quarterback here and there.

If Collins makes the roster to start the season, produces and makes an impact, then we’ll just chalk this up to Belichick being smarter than everyone else. #LFG

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