Terry Rozier Needs To Go

Listen, it takes a different type of athlete to succeed in Boston. Gotta have thick skin. You have to deal with the local media (98.5 The Sports Hub) ripping you apart each week. There are just higher standards than most other places.

But what Terry Rozier is doing right now is something that you shouldn’t do no matter where you play. You do not, under any circumstances, air out your teams dirty laundry. And that’s what this little bitch ass is doing.

I know I put a bunch of videos there, and if you don’t wanna take the time to listen to them all completely, that’s fine. Allow me to give you the cliffnotes version.

Terry Rozier sounds like a little man baby who thinks way too highly of himself and didn’t like the fact that he had to take a backseat to BETTER players. So, he decided to go on a press tour and pull the curtains back on all the shit that went on with his team throughout the season.

Let me unpack a couple things he said in particular:

He mentioned that “no one sacrificed more than me” throughout the year. Which, by the way, strictly looking at numbers, is false. Last year he averaged 25.9 minutes per game. This year he averaged 22.7. Three minutes isn’t a big sacrifice babe.

And since we’re on this topic, lets dive a little deeper. Last year Rozier started 16 games. This year he started 14. He only played one less game overall this year (79) than he did last year (80). This year Terry only averaged 9 points per game. Surely last year he averaged well over that right? For a player who had to sacrifice SO much! Nope. Only averaged 11.3 points in the year prior. Well his assists and rebounds had to drop then, no!? From last year to this year, Rozier went from 4.7 rebounds per game to 3.9. And his assists stayed exactly the same at 2.9 per game.

And in the two years prior, when Kyrie wasn’t on the team? Every single one of his stats were worse. So one could argue that having Kyrie on the team helped him statistically.

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He also mentions that he couldn’t be himself. Couldn’t be the ‘Terry Rozier’ he knows he is. Um, exactly what does that mean? Sure, you were ‘Scary Terry’ in the playoffs last year. That’s not up for debate. But know what else isn’t up for debate? You still couldn’t help your team get past Lebron when you were up in the series. When the team needed you to perform, I specifically recall you not showing up.

Don’t believe me? In that series against the Cleveland Lebron’s last year, Rozier scored over 20 points only one time. In a 7 game series. And in the critical Game 7? Scary Terry disappeared with just 4 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Pathetic.

Image result for terry rozier lebron gif

This loser also claims that he is a top point guard in the league. Yeah, a career average of 7.7 points, 2.3 assists and 3.6 rebounds per game backs that up right? Not!

And I love how he mentioned that players like Kyrie and Hayward got treated differently. Ya think!? Kyrie came in as a superstar. In the NBA, unfortunately, you have to cater to said superstar and hope that it doesn’t destroy your team. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Hayward was coming back from a terrible injury. You knew he was gonna get forced minutes to try to bring him back up to speed as quickly as possible. Which didn’t work but still, you knew it was gonna happen.

There’s a lot more quotable things this diva, wannabe star said, but I’ll let you find those out on your own.

I also want to get this out there, I’m not saying some of his criticisms aren’t justified. He mentions that Brad Stevens had trouble getting the right rotations and staying consistent. That’s 100% true. He also spoke about Kyrie and how he effected the team. That clearly was true as well.

Here’s the thing though, DON’T MAKE ALL THAT PUBLIC! Everyone who watched this team this year knows what the issues were. What happened when Marcus Smart got asked these same types of questions? He deflected and defended his team.

That’s a leader. That’s a foundation player you build a team with. Not the best player by any means, but that’s the type of player that you need on a championship team. You know what kind of player you DON’T need? Terry Rozier.

There was a clear riff with the younger players and the older players this year, and with Rozier coming out on his little press run, it got me thinking. He was definitely one of the players at the center of that right? Negativity travels quick and all it took was one look at Terry this season or one soundbite in the offseason to see that he was just as much of a problem as Kyrie.

I agree when he and others say that he should be a starter. There are teams in this league that he could start on today. That doesn’t mean he’s great. Just cause you’re a starter, does not mean that you have the clout to go around acting like you’re this 7 year vet who has earned all this respect and playing time.

My man, you’re a career backup. You’ve gotten your chance to play big minutes before, and more often than not, you shrink like the little whiny child that you are. Go play on the Nets or some other crap team next year, get your playing time that you think you deserve, rack up your stats, and enjoy mediocrity. Or, go to a team with actual expectations and let them down like we all know you will.

To wrap this all up, I’ll bring it back to what I said to start this blog. It takes a different type of athlete to succeed in Boston. To gain the respect and love of this fanbase, you need to sacrifice. Your personal gain needs to take a backseat to the success of the team. And once you get that through your head, you’ll thrive and all of New England will love you for it. Irving didn’t understand that. And now it’s clear that Rozier doesn’t either.

So please, Scary Terry, do us all a favor, and fuck off.

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