Philadelphia Is A Trash City With Trash People And Trash Teams

Image result for kawhi leonard

Did you know there was a Game 7 being played last night?

While the majority of the country, including myself, were busy watching a dragon light an entire city the FUCK up, the Sixers got their hearts ripped out of their chests by Kawhi Leonard.

I didn’t see the play live obviously, but watching the replays and seeing the responses of all the sad Philly fans brings a smile to my face and warmth throughout my body. I want nothing more than to see the entire city of Philadelphia in a constant state of depression for as long as I’m alive.

And yes, this is all stems from the fact that the Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. But not just that, the Sixers are such an easy team to hate!

Embiid is annoying as hell. Simmons is an overrated first round pick that can’t shoot the ball. JJ Reddick has a face you just want to punch. Jimmy Butler is a fake superstar who shows up when he wants.

So now, just like the worthless Kyrie Celtics, the 76ers are gonna be sitting at home watching the rest of the NBA Playoffs. Good. That’s how it should be. And don’t give me any shit like “Well the Celtics didn’t even make it to a Game 7 in their series!” Yes, you are correct. Irving destroyed this team and they didn’t even deserve to get to a Game 7. But at least my team didn’t do all the work to get there and then give up the last 2 minutes of the most important game of the season.

Looks like the ‘Process’ is just a never-ending cycle of hope and despair only to be end with the reality that the Sixers will never get over that hump. I’d normally say that’s sad, but Philly deserves nothing less than heartbreak for as long as they’re around.

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