So it looks like we have a Mad Queen on our hands huh?

Let’s just get right into the craziest part of the episode. I mean holy hell, Daenerys went full Targaryen and lit King’s Landing up like wildfire. I gotta say, once the bells rang and the city surrendered I did not see everything going down like this. I thought we’d get Dany getting a hold of herself and and doing what’s right.

And boy oh boy did she do the exact opposite!

The best part was, you could tell the exact moment when she went from ‘Breaker of Chains’ to flat out mad woman.

It all makes sense too. Ever since our Khaleesi arrived in Westeros her path to the Throne has been anything but smooth. She’s been betrayed numerous times by almost everyone close to her. She’s seen her most trusted friends die. She has lost TWO of her dragons. And on top of all that, she found out that the guy she was taking to bed each night is not only her nephew, but HE is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

So to see her go full crazy makes complete and total sense. It was bound to happen. You could say it’s in her blood to be a tyrant. And she’s finally gone off the deep end.

At first I thought we were just gonna see her roast the Lannister Army and the useless Golden Company, but once you see civilians getting burnt to a crisp, you knew there was no turning back. Whatta sequence all that was!

And remember her vision when she saw the Iron Throne covered in what we thought was snow? Naaaaah buddy, those were ashes cause she just burnt this bitch down!

On top of that, we got the showdown that we’ve all been waiting for. The Battle of the Brothers. Sandor vs Gregor. The Hound vs The Mountain.

Loved this fight. Arguably the best one-on-one fight we’ve had since The Mountain fought The Viper in Season 4. Nothing here felt out of place. The Hound basically laughing like a madman at how his brother just won’t die. And we got The Mountains patented ‘put my thumbs through your eyes’ move but The Hound finally wised up and stabbed him in the eye. Sandor tackling Gregor off the castle into a pit of fire below was the only way for that fight to end. Perfection.

They also nailed the final scene between The Hound and Arya. Not too sappy, since that would feel out of place, but just enough emotion between the two to make you really feel their friendship. Probably one of the most fleshed out relationships in the entire show, they ended it flawlessly.

Since we’re talking about deaths, we gotta get to the death of arguably the biggest villain on the show. I say arguably cause after this episode it’s pretty clear that Dany is really the big bad for the entire series. And we didn’t even know it!

Hear me out, at first watch, I was livid that this is how the killed Cersei. Jamie dying this way made sense though. As long as he died with Cersei, I was cool with it. Whether he was by her side or she was the one who carried out the act. All good here.

Where I had a problem was having Cersei die as unceremoniously as just having a building fall down on her. But after I really thought about it, her death makes sense.

Everything she was fighting for, everything her family fought for, the foundation of which her rule has been built upon, quite literally crumbled down around her ending in her demise. If that’s not poetic justice then I don’t know what is.

Sure, would it have been cool to see Arya take her out or have her burnt to cinders by Drogon? Of course. But in hindsight, I’m okay with how they ended her story.

Speaking of Arya, what the hell was this all about?

I read somewhere that there’s a bible verse that’s eerily similar to Arya riding out of an apocalyptic scene on a white horse. If that’s what this was about then cool.

But I have little to no faith in the directors of this show at this point, so I’m just gonna chalk this up to the showrunners wanting to get some cool shots in and that’s fine I guess.

And by the way, I literally could not have cared any less about the mom and daughter that Arya was trying so hard to save for some reason. It made no sense to me. Who are these people? I don’t care what they represent or whatever, get em off my screen! It got so bad that when we see them get cooked by Drogon I almost audibly cheered. Screw them.

All and all this episode was pretty damn good. Easily the best of the season, even though at this point that’s not saying much. But still, it was really good!

Varys got his little lyin’ ass dracarysed at the very beginning of the episode which I was a huge fan of. Never liked him. He got what was coming to his stupid ass. You can only play with fire so much before you get burnt buddy!

Grey Worm is off the rails like his Qween as well by the way. This man just said screw it and started killing the Lannister Army after they all surrendered. Which, honestly, I can’t blame him! Cersei killed the love of his life. We knew this was coming. The things we do for love.

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5 “The Bells”

What I find interesting about all this is where Tyrion falls after everything that happened. He clearly sees not just how unbalanced his Dragon Queen is. What a great job of acting throughout that entire sequence by the way.

Once the bells ring you immediately see a look of hesitant hope in Tyrions eyes. Only to be washed away with terror once he sees Dany fly off on Drogon knowing what’s about to happen to the place he once called home. A place he wanted to protect after all is said and done. Regardless of who won this war.

Image result for tyrion season 8 episode 5

My question now is, where is Tyrion? Last we saw him he was just at the walls of King’s Landing. He did take a few steps in, but we never really see him go deep in the city.

My bet is that he ends up back at Winterfell along with Jon, Arya, and Davos. Obviously Sansa is still chillin up there with wheelchair boy Bran and Brienne, so I can’t wait to see the rest of the crew get back up there and let them know that we have a new Queen on the Iron Throne and she’s 10x worse that Cersei.

If I had to guess, I’d say that we’ll get everyone up in Winterfell coming to grips with the fact that they need to get back down to King’s Landing and get Daenerys off the Iron Throne. By any means necessary. And Jon is gonna have a big decision to make.

Next Sunday can’t get here soon enough.

Valar Morghulis.

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