Patriots Tight End Comes Out Of Retirement To Come Back To Team

Nope. Not THAT tight end. Ben Watson was retired for about 2 seconds before he decided to lace em up and come back. And what brought him out of retirement? This guy.

Image result for bill belichick gif

When Bill Belichick comes calling, you pick up that god damn phone and you do whatever the Dark Lord says.

On a 1 year/$3 million, Watson is a bargain. You get a veteran, reliable player at a position of need. Not to mention he has been in New England so he has a good grasp on what it takes to be successful here and how to win.

Granted, do the Pats still have a slight hole at tight end? Sure. Other than Watson, you got Austin Seferian Jenkins (that name is gonna be annoying as shit to type out all year) and then a fustercluck of young guys/rookies. Am I worried though? Nope. Not at all. Nothing was going to fill the Hulk-sized hole left by Gronk. Certainly not one player alone. So I am fine going into the year throwing multiple bodies at the position and hope it all works itself out.

The team is clearly trying to make up for the lack of size now anyway with the signing of Demaryius Thomas, drafting K’Neal Harry and still trying to bring back Josh Gordon. These are 3 big guys that can collectively take the place of Gronkowski.

Football season can’t get here soon enough. Time to defend our crown once again and show the league that we’re not done ripping their hearts out of their chests.


Oh…..did you think I was gonna do a Ben Watson blog and not post his most memorable play as a Patriots? You’d be wrong if you thought that. This should’ve been called a touchback by the way. But whatever.

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