Good Riddance To These Boston Celtics

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Holy shit that series was embarrassing.

After winning Game 1, you then proceed to lay 4 consecutive eggs. I don’t think I have ever seen a team with so much talent have such a let down of a series. This doesn’t just stop here though, this entire season has been one giant disappointment for the Celtics.

But I’m not even gonna get into that. The regular season is always filled with peaks and valleys so it’s tough to know exactly how a team is gonna react once they get to the playoffs. And how did the Celtics react to playoff basketball? Well, it didn’t start bad!

Boston swept the Pacers, albeit without Oladipo, but still, a sweep is a sweep. No team in the playoffs just stumbled in here so you gotta give credit where credit is due. But that’s about all the credit the Celts will be getting here. Because this brings us to this series against the Bucks. Like I mentioned before, you start the series in a great way with a dominant win. All is right in the world! This ‘team’ has finally come together, finally trust each other and are ready to go on a big playoff run, right?


What happened next is the worst 3 game stretch of basketball I’ve ever seen a team with this much talent play. The Bucks blow you out in Game 2. Okay, you can take that. Getting a split on the road in the second round of the playoffs is big. Game 3 turned out to be the last gasp for this ‘team’ though and we didn’t even know it. It was pretty close up until the second half of the 3rd quarter where the Bucks exploded and really never looked back. Down in the series 2-1, things were getting tense, but you still had Game 4 on your home floor with, arguably, your most important player coming back.

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Even with Marcus Smart returning, you still lose by double digits. And you could see the effort dissipating throughout the game. Smart was his regular full-throttle self, but other than that, you could tell this team was mentally done with the season. Hayward had regressed to how he was to start the season, Tatum continued to be a no show and Kyrie seemingly got all the talent sucked out of him by some sort of voodoo magic.

This brings us to tonight. Game 5. All on the line. Win or go home.

And this fucking ‘team’ scores 39 GOD DAMN points in the first half. Thirty. Nine. Points. In a must win game on the road. I don’t give a shit what you think of each other. I don’t care if you don’t get along. I don’t care if morale is low. I don’t care if you plan on leaving the team at the end of the year. You’re playing for the Boston fucking Celtics. And you score less than 40 points in the first half in a must win game? This ‘team’ proved all the haters and doubters right tonight. They have no heart. They have no backbone. When the going gets tough, they get going. When they get knocked down, instead of getting up off the mat and throwing more punches, they whimper back to their corner and sulk.

There was a stretch in the last 2 minutes of the 3rd quarter where the Bucks got 4 offensive rebounds in a row. FOUR! Sounds crazy right? How does a team let that happen in a game they MUST win?

Lack of effort. And for all the hate Kyrie is gonna get for this season, he deserves every bad thing said about him for this game. Irving gave up. He was missing shots he makes in his sleep. He even had a couple air balls which you almost never see from him.

I don’t wanna talk about this game anymore. The Boston Celtics in a Game 5, down 3-1, got blown out 116-91. There’s nothing I can say that the score doesn’t say itself. Embarrassing.

I don’t care who you want to blame for this. Cause trust me, there is PLENTY to go around. Almost every single person on this ‘team’ needs to look themselves in the mirror and be ashamed of themselves.

You’ll notice I put quotes around the word team. That’s because what we saw this year was not a team. It was a collection of talented players who did not trust nor like each other. I’ll never say a team has to always have fun, but you could tell that these guys hated playing this season. Any excitement felt fake and hollow. The high points never felt as they should because we all knew deep down that it was only temporary. This group was consistently inconsistent all season, and it caught up to them in the playoffs.

Brad Stevens messed up the starting lineups to start the season. And then looked overwhelmed with how to use a full, healthy team throughout the year.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown both regressed big time as the year went on. Sure there were rare flashes of the players we know they can be, but overall, a wildly disappointing season.

This brings us to Kyrie Irving. He needs to go. I hate to say it, cause he’s such a good player, but he needs to go. He’s not a fit for this team. I don’t believe we’re more talented without him, but I do believe the Celts are just an overall better team without him. The ball moves more. Assists happen more regularly. Players just seem genuinely more happy. I don’t think it’s because they hate Irving, I just think it’s because with a player like Kyrie, you just don’t see the ball as much. And that works with some teams. Not here though.

So the 2018-2019 Boston Celtics season ends a second round playoff exit. Now all we can do is hope that these picks Danny Ainge keeps stockpiling start to pay off. Hope that Hayward gets back to the player we know he can be. Hope that Tatum and Brown go back to being the budding superstars they showed signs of last year.

On the brightside, the Bruins play tomorrow. That’s the best part of being a Boston fan. There’s always something to look forward to.

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