This Bathroom Fight Is Ridiculous

I was just scrolling through Twitter today and stumbled upon this 22 second clip of what looks like two teenagers fighting in a bathroom. And boy is it entertaining!

So there’s a lot to unpack here.

Let’s start with the obvious though. My man dipped his fist in piss before landing shots onto that other kid! What the hell! Is this how kids fight in school now? Are there no unwritten rules anymore? If he did that on purpose then this is both an all time genius and stupid move.

Getting punched sucks. Getting punched by a fist covered in human urine is even worse. It’s almost demeaning. Like, not only are you getting your ass kicked but now you gotta deal with having piss all over you. Gross. But I have a question about our guy with the pee hand, did he mean to dip his fist in the urinal or did it just accidentally happen? If you watch the video it’s really tough to tell one way or another.

Also, why do people not know how to flush the god damn toilet anymore? I mean come on, it’s not that difficult! If someone remembered to flush, then this fight wouldn’t even have gotten half the attention it did.

Anyway, if he accidentally punched the urinal, then you kinda have to feel bad for the kid. Sure, it looks like he won the fight, but now he is some other kids pee all over him. That’s nasty.

If he did it on purpose then I have a few other follow up questions. Did he know ahead of time that the urinal would be full and planned out this entire thing? Is it HIS urine that’s in the urinal!? That makes it a lot less disgusting. Covering your fist in your own piss is far less crazy than covering it in a complete strangers.

Secondly, I love when the blonde kid starts telling the other kid to stop cause he’s bleeding. Uhhhh, no shit you’re bleeding buddy. This is a fight. One of you, or maybe even both of you were gonna end up bleeding by the end of this. And who’s the idiot in the background going “Chill, chill, chill, chiiilllll….” Shut the hell up. I hate when people in the background of fights or the camera man himself try to stop the fight.

Other than Mr. Piss Hands, this is a pretty uneventful fight though. Seems like a lot of the damage was done when blonde boy hit his head on the stall. The punches never really seemed to connect. But maybe that wasn’t the point, maybe the point was to just smear urine all over the other kid. Who knows.

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