The NBA Playoffs Are Better Without Lebron

Someone has to say it. These playoffs have been more entertaining and unpredictable than they ever were when Queen James was involved. Lebron James is a one man plague to this league and it’s refreshing not having him around to spew his arrogance and entitlement throughout these playoffs.

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Yeah, it’s true Lebron. Don’t give me that stupid face. Think about it for a second.

When Bron Bron is in the mix he dominates the news cycle. Any slightly average performance he has will immediately overshadow any amazing performance another player has that night. The media is obsessed with stroking the ego (among other things) of this man-diva. We don’t need an aging superstar who’s on the downside of his career to take the limelight away from young, future superstar players who need it.

I mean really, James doesn’t even care about basketball anymore. He went to LA with one thing in mind: his movie career. He has the dreaded Space Jam 2 coming out as well as numerous other movies/shows in the works supposedly. Weird though, cause last time I checked the greats don’t split their attention between two things. You don’t see Tom Brady putting his career aside to pitch movie ideas. You never saw Michael Jordan want to put his career on the backburner so he can try to get his own Space Jame 2 going. Has anyone heard of Mike Trout pitching his own series to HBO? Nope. All these superstars have one thing in common. They put their sport first. Bron Bron doesn’t do that anymore.

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But I’m getting off topic here. The point is, that these playoffs have genuinely been more entertaining without him around. Putting my hatred for this clown aside, it’s really hard to dispute this.

For the first time in a while, we don’t know who is gonna come out of the East. The field was wide open going into the first round. And as teams continue to get eliminated, it’s still up in the air as to who is actually gonna come out on top. That didn’t happen when Lebron was around. Parody is good for a league, and if the Warriors are gonna continue to teabag the West, then the least we can get is some uncertainty in the East. And that’s exactly what we’re getting now and it’s great.

Would the Greek Freak be getting the same spotlight if the Queen was around hogging it all the time? The answer is no. You think Kawhi would be getting the props and adulation he deserves if Bron was around to push him into the background? The answer again, is no! The conversation would be solely based around how long it’d take for Lebron to get back to the Finals to get yet ANOTHER crack at the Warriors. Even though we all know that he would just add to his absurd number of Finals losses. In case you were wondering, he has twice as many losses as wins. 3 wins. 6 losses. Jordan would never….

Having the same protected superstar get every segment on talks shows, radio stations and water cooler conversations is not beneficial to the growth of the NBA. Actually, you could say that Mr. James is a detriment to the league he once helped build up. Having him around is just an unnecessary distraction at this point. I mean look at the news cycle so far this week, he’s still at the forefront! He has his HBO show, “The Shop”, where he and guests of his choosing sit and talk about topics of his choosing all while his team has the final say in what gets put in the show and how it all gets edited. Instead of getting a ‘real look inside Lebron’s head’, we get a meticulously crafted facade that’s sole purpose is to spoonfeed James’ minions the exact narrative HE wants them to hear. Classic narcissist.

So please, relish these few moments we have left without Bron Bron sucking the life out of every topic he’s brought up in. We most likely won’t get this next year, when James inevitably bullies the Lakers into mortgaging their long term future for his short term gain. Which is what he does everywhere he goes. Enjoy the fact that someone may finally knock him off ‘his’ throne. A throne he doesn’t even deserve to be on the past couple years, considering he’s not the best player in the world anymore.

If Lebron really cared about the sport he claims he loves, he would step aside and retire. He has nothing left to prove. He is and unquestioned top 5 player ever. That’s all he can ask for at this point. Don’t add more losses to a spotty resume! Do the right thing Bron Bron. Go take care of your budding drinking problem and let the young bucks take over. Rest now sweet prince. You will not be missed.

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