Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Is Here!


I mean…holy shit! What a great trailer. I love Spider-Man so am I looking at this through rose-colored glasses? Sure. But even so, you have to admit that this movie looks AWESOME!

This movie is clearly set right after the events of Endgame, which was reported for a while now. Peter seeing memorials and graffiti of Iron Man all over the place really pulls on the heartstrings there too. You can tell he is still very much effected by his passing which makes sense. He finally gets back from the Soul Stone an only has about 15 minutes with his mentor/hero/father figure only to watch him die right in front of him. That’s crushing stuff.

We also get Nick Fury trying to recruit Spidey to help them battle these giant elemental monsters. Which clearly sets the tone going forward in the MCU that Spiderman is going to be one of the most important characters. Sure, Thor and Captain Marvel we’re first on his list, but I feel like it means a lot that Peter is someone Fury can out his faith it. Which stems back to Tony even bringing him into the fold in the first place. Ugh I miss Iron Man already.

Also, I think Marvel is trying to pull a fast one on us. They clearly want you to think that Mysterio is a good guy from another Earth.

Image result for thor is he though gif

I’m calling bullshit.

I would bet all the money I have that, by the end of the movie, you find out Mysterio came here from the alternate earth because he was a failure on his earth or something like that. So he decides to come here to try to paint himself as the best superhero out there. But once the general public sides with Spider-Man, that’s when Mysterio goes AWOL and shows his true colors.

He looks badass though.

They need to build up Spideys enemies anyway if they really do plan on making a Sinister Six movie. Which would be phenomenal if that is the route they’re going.

Oh, and little thing here, does MJ know that Peter is Spider-Man!? His secret identity has always been one of the most protected in the Marvel universe so that would be bananas if she put two into together and figured it out.

I’ll be there opening night once again. See ya then Spider-Man.

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