Logic/Eminem Finally Team Up

As the title says, Logic and Eminem finally got together and dropped a track today. It’s called ‘Homicide’ and after my first few listens, I like it!

The record is another single off Logic’s album, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which is coming soon, although there’s no specific date set up yet.

First of all the beat to this song is awesome. It’s got the drum and boom bap to keep the rhythm going but also has a kinda creepy feel to it. Love these types of beats.

Both rappers can get extremely technical, which some people aren’t a fan of, but regardless, they both show off their lyrical skills here. Logic gets the first two verses where he takes some shots at today’s hip hop while spitting at the rapid fire rate that his fans have become accustom to.

I mean, Logic starts off his first verse basically telling anyone who want it can come and get it:

“Fuck rap, bustin’ like an addict with a semi-automatic who done had it, and he ready for anybody to buck back”

Basically telling everyone out right now that he’s not feeling any of their shit, and if they have anything to say about it, then come get the smoke. Not unlike Em’s previous surprise album ‘Kamikaze’ where he was essentially laying waste to the entire genre.

Speaking of Mr. Mathers, he goes into full lyrical miracle mode here. Instead of naming specific rapper on this track though, Em just shows his dominance by spitting rapid fire lyrics with a flow that only he can do at this point.

” You about to get out-rhymed, how could I be dethroned?
I stay on my toes like the repo, a behemoth in sheep clothes
From the East Coast to the West, I’m the ethos and I’m the G.O.A.T
Who the best, I don’t gotta say a fuckin’ thing, though
‘Cause MCs know “

Talking about everything from rappers with ghost writers, to being the GOAT and even has the, now viral, Chris Delia impersonation at the end of the track.

The Delia part is in there for more than just comedy though, as Em actually raps in that same cadence and everything to make fun of himself to set the stage for the comedians impersonation of him. Pretty fucking amazing.

All in all this is just a record where both rappers let loose and tried to match eachother bar for bar. I don’t like saying who ‘won’ songs with multiple rappers on there, since everyone has a different type of rap or flow that they like. But either way, give this one a listen if you’re a fan of either of them. Hopefully this isn’t the last collab between the two.

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