Leprechauns Don’t Fear Deer

If you beat a team 112-90, that’s impressive right? Just making sure we’re all on the same page to start here.

Now add in that the team that you beat had the most wins in the NBA this year, have the general consensus MVP, and also are playing at home.

NOW let’s also throw in that you’re notoriously bad at Game 1 road playoff games (or just road playoff games in general), you’ve been inconsistent all year and you don’t have your best defensive player.

Take a look at the score again now. The Boston Celtics completely dominated the #1 seed Milwaukee Bucks. From tip to buzzer, this was a beat down. Yes, I understand the Celtics blew a big lead before the half, yes I understand that the Bucks led for a bit, but let’s be honest…did this game ever feel in doubt?

Image result for boston celtics gif bucks

The answer is no.

Giannis was once again MIA in a playoff game when his team needed him as he went into the 4th with only 13 points. Weird. I thought he was going to dominate this game/series and knock the Celts out in 4. Weird.

The Greek Freak wasn’t even the best big man on the floor today. That mantle is being held in the giant arms of Al Horford. Big Al posted a solid 20 pts to go along with 11 rebounds and 3 assists. The stats don’t tell the whole story though. Horford must’ve block Giannis a dozen times. That’s the difference between a battle tested veteran and a young, talented up and comer. Gotta get some experience under your belt friend, and Horford is gonna give you all the experience you can handle this series.

Boston did all of this with Tatum only scoring 4 points by the way. That should scare every single Bucks fan out there. Wait until he starts lighting it up. This is what the imbeciles like Nick Wright and Max Kellerman don’t understand, playoff basketball is just different. The Bucks aren’t built for this. The Celtics are. We didn’t even have to use our new closer by the name of Kyrie “I Won Lebron His Title” Irving!

As big an ass whooping as this was, it’s just one game. Celtics lead the series now 1-0 and have taken homecourt advantage from the #1 seed. That’s all great, but now let’s see if we can string this type of effort together for another 3 games.

1 down. 3 to go. Remember when Milwaukee fans were chanting “We Want Boston”…

Image result for boston celtics gif al horford

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