It’s All Lead To This

Avengers: Endgame is a day away. I can’t believe I’m even typing that sentence.

From the second Infinity War ended, the anticipation for this movie has only intensified. It’s the final chapter in the Infinity Saga. We’re talking the end of an 11 year, 21 movie era. What Kevin Feige and everyone over at Marvel Studios has accomplished has never been done and, most likely, will never be done again.

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Everyone knows the players on the board here. Iron Man. Captain America. Thor. Hulk. Hawkeye. Black Widow. Our original six. The ones who started it all. It’s definitely not a coincidence that these, among a few others, were the ones who survived Thanos’ snap. And that most likely means we’re gonna see the end of at least one of these characters, which is gonna suuuuuck to watch play out on the screen.

Now, what is the point of this blog? First and foremost, I just can’t stop talking about this movie. To literally anyone and everyone that’ll listen, or at least pretend to listen. This is, and I’m using no hyperbole here, the most anticipated movie of all time. If you disagree, please plead your case because I feel pretty confident in that statement.

Secondly, I got some things I personally would like to see play out on screen here. I’m not really gonna dive into any theories about what’s going to happen or what the plot of the movie is though. That, to me, is kinda a waste of time at this point. No one knows what the hell is gonna happen in this film. And most of the theories I’ve read about are WAY too convoluted and complicated to be real. We all have to remember, even though there are a shit ton of characters and storylines coming to an end here, this movie can’t bee TOO confusing for the audience. So when people say that Loki is somehow alive and pretending to be Bruce Banner, even though there has been no hint of that whatsoever, I tend to turn the other way. Or, and I can’t forget this one, how Ant-Man is gonna crawl inside Thanos through his butthole like a superhero buttplug, and save the day. No no no. That’s not how Thanos is gonna go out.

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This is really just a blog to share my excitement for Endgame one last time, and talk about what I hope this movie turns out to be. And if we’re going down the checklist here, there’s one thing above all else that I finally wanna see happen on the big screen:

I want, no, I NEED Captain America to say these two sweet, glorious words. And I truly believe he will. After all, they teased us with it at the end of Age of Ultron, so you know everyone at Marvel Studios know we’re all waiting for it. And I have the perfect moment for him to do so:

Not sure when exactly it’ll happen in the movie, but it’s gonna be when the Big Three of Cap, Iron Man and Thor are all going toe-to-toe with Thanos. The Mad Titan essentially having his way with them all. Then, out of the blue, we get an explosive arrow hit Thanos in the head and he falls back a bit while the camera zooms in on his face, looking shocked. What does he see you ask?

Hawkeye comes swinging in, landing behind the aforementioned trinity of heroes, while Hulk comes crashing down, holding Black Widow. Then we get the money shot. Captain America in the middle, flanked by Iron Man and Thor, with Hulk in the background having Hawkeye and Black Widow round out the crew. And at that moment, we get it.

Cap tightens up his shield, looks to both his sides, and says “Avengers….Assemble” and they all run and attack Thanos. That would be perfect. Undoubtedly, half of them would probably be running full speed to their death but still, finally getting that moment is gonna be awesome. Regardless of exactly how it happens.

Kinda piggy-backing off that same scene, there’s two things involving Captain America that I really hope we get to see. One is Cap weilding Mjolnir. Mjolnir, for the ones who don’t know, is Thor’s hammer. “But Mike, wait, didn’t that get destroyed by Hela in Rangarok!?” Why yes my friend, you’d be correct. But I have a funny feeling that time travel is gonna play a part here and we’ve already seen Thor pull Mjolnir through space and time before, so hear me out.

Once again, Thanos is facing off against our original 3 heroes. He’s already knocked out Iron Man and kicked the shit out of Thor. Captain America is the last one standing, and this is where he gives arguably the most epic line Steve Rodgers has ever said, which is my second thing I wanna see Cap do:

Captain America: “As long as one man stands against you, Thanos, you’ll never be able to claim victory.”

Thanos: “Noble sentiments from one who is about to die.”

Holy shit I get goosebumps at just the though of this happening. Cap will charge Thanos and put up a pretty good fight at first, not unlike how Iron Man did in Infinity War, but in the end, Thanos will have him on his back, punching the ever-living shit out of him, and that’s when it’ll happen.

Image result for captain america mjolnir

Cap’s hand will open, as he’s slowly losing consciousness, and then the camera will pan to a rip in space/time and out of this will come Mjolnir! Flying into Steve’s hand while he clenches his fist and wacks Thanos in that ballsack of a chin. Captain America will stand up, shield in one hand, hammer in the other facing off with the Mad Titan once again. And maybe this is when we get the scene I talked about before where the rest of the Avengers join in on the fight.

I’ve already rambled on long enough here so I’ll just throw a few more quick things I wanna see here:

  • Spider-Man saves Tony’s life somehow. Even though I believe Stark is gonna die, I just wanna see Peter save his life one time.
  • Captain Marvel and Captain America have a cute little “Captain” moment. Not sure what the exact dialogue will be but I want something.
  • An “Avengers” type shot where we saw the original 6 standing back to back, but only this time I want everyone. Every single hero we have, I want standing, back to back, facing an army of bad guys.
  • The scene where Tony see’s Peter again better be emotional as shit. Peter is like Tony’s adopted son and you KNOW he feels a bunch of guilt for him dying.
  • The Cap and Iron Man scene where they finally see eachother after the events of Civil War better not be glossed over. We need to see the two most important characters in the MCU go through all their emotions together on screen.
  • Ant-Man going into Giant Man again. That was awesome in Civil War. Need it again.
  • I’d love to see the Iron Legion again. Just a bunch of different Iron Man suits going to war with everyone else like in Iron Man 3.
  • SOME sort of reference to the X-Men or Fantastic 4 or something. I know it’s far fetched but I’d love to find out that Norman Osborn bought the Avengers Tower. That’d be perfect and almost makes too much sense. Or even find out that it’s called the Baxter Building now, confirming that the Fantastic 4 exist already.
  • Another thing I know PROBABLY won’t happen, but let’s get the Marvel Netflix people involved here. Nothing major, but gimme just a few scenes with them or something. Or even some Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. people!
  • Speaking of them, I absolutely, 100% need Agent Coulson to show up again.
  • I wanna see Ant-Man attack people with a shit ton of ants. I don’t know who he’d attack and how effective it’d be but still, I wanna see it.
  • Thanos has to die. And his death needs to be glorious. And I want it to be Iron Man that does it. After all, Thanos has been messing with Tony for over 6 years now inside his head. Stark finally defeating him will be a great payoff.
  • I don’t care who, but I wanna see one of the original 6 Avengers try to use the Infinity Gauntlet.
  • Stan Lee’s cameo actually adds to the character he really is, The Watcher.

I’ll wrap this up soon, I promise, but I can’t go without talking about the obvious here. Who’s gonna die? I think there are a few obvious ones and maybe a couple surprising ones too.

Image result for iron man gif sacrifice

I believe, for sure, we’re gonna see the end of Tony Stark. This entire Infinity Saga started with him, so it’s only right that when it ends, his journey ends as well. It’s gonna suck, I know. We’re all gonna cry. It’s gonna leave an arc-reactor sized hole in our hearts, but it has to happen. It’ll be the end of the greatest character arc in the history of cinema. Stakes are a real thing in the MCU, regardless of what people think, and the stakes have never been higher than right now. Stark is gonna die sacrificing himself, probably for Spider-Man, which will send Peter on a path to be the best he can be in his mentors name moving forward.

Additionally, I think Steve Rodgers is gonna eat it as well. Notice I didn’t say Captain America though. That mantle I think is gonna get passed on to Winter Solider. But for Steve, I think this is his last stop. He, too, is gonna die in the most valiant way possible. Probably staying behind to finish the mission while everyone else gets to flee to safety. It’s gonna be emotional and shitty, but similar to Tony dying, it has to happen.

Related image

Out of the rest of our Avengers, I think the only two who survive are Thor and Hawkeye. Thor is a god for crying out loud! I think he’ll team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy here and there since the MCU is going to be moving into the more cosmic realm. As for Hawkeye, I think the death of Black Widow is gonna finally send him into retirement to live with his family. As for Hulk, I think he just…dies. Possibly trying to wield the Infinity Gauntlet!? Banner and the Hulk finally coexist together becoming Professor Hulk (picture a regular Hulk, but with the mind of Bruce Banner), thus completing their combined character arcs and ending their journey as well.

Also dying in this movie will be Wong and War Machine. Their deaths will definitely be impactful, but just not as much as the ones I mentioned before. Sorry I don’t have a crazy cool idea for them to go out, but I do believe that it’ll be Thanos who kills them. Gotta make us hate him even more before he ultimately kicks the bucket.

The team is gonna look VERY different after this movie. We’ll get the New Avengers consisting of Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man/Wasp and Winter Solider (although now he’ll be known as Captain America).

I’m probably off with almost everything I’m thinking here but hey, that’s why I’m gonna go see it! Judging by the reviews, this movie is everything we are expecting and more. I mean look at this:

I can only IMAGINE what that moment is gonna be!

I legitimately can’t be any more excited for this movie if I tried. One more sleep until I can FINALLY go see it. I’ll be posting a blog immediately afterwards tomorrow night too, but don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for anyone. And if I’m gonna put ANY sort of spoiler, I will save it for the end and make sure you have ample time to leave the page before you see or read anything you don’t want to.

I know this blog has been huge, and if you’ve made it this far thank you for sticking with me. You’re clearly just as big a nerd as me or you just have nothing else to do. Either way, I appreciate it.

I can officially say, we’re in the Endgame now ladies and gentlemen. Good luck.


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