Trailers On Trailers On Trailers!!

With the goliath of Avengers: Endgame looming over the box office and the film industry in general, it seems like all the big movies coming out are releasing their trailers ahead of time.

Trailer #1: Child’s Play

I was never really a big Chucky guy growing up. I never had the phobia of dolls like most people do, which obviously this movie plays off of. But this movie looks pretty good. I mean, I’ll probably see it a few months after it comes out on streaming services and whatnot and I’m sure I’ll like it but I just can’t get too pumped up about it. Looks like there’s a cool twist with Chucky being plugged into all electronics and shit like a murderous Siri, but still, that’s not enough for me to go see it in theaters.

Trailer 2: Detective Pikachu (again)

God damn man, this movie has no business looking THIS good. Every single trailer has been a homerun. This one is just kinda world building trailer, showing as many Pokemon as they can (a few of which I have NO idea who they are) and I love every second of it. This movie is gonna be awesome. I will definitely be seeing this one in the theaters, which is a big thing for me since the only movies I really see in theaters are Marvel movies. But this is Pokemon. This goes deeper than Marvel. I grew up on this shit. Add Ryan Reynolds in the mix and you can take my money right now.

Trailer 3: Gemini Man

I love Will Smith. Let me just get that out of the way. There is no movie he can put out that I will not want to see. And this one is no exception. Gemini Man looks pretty damn good! Give me some sort of Jason Bourne type action shit and TWO Will Smith’s and I’m all in.

Trailer 4: Godzilla King of the Monsters (again)

Godzilla is the shit. When done right, he can be the best monster character ever. Just a total badass. This movie looks absolutely incredible. Everything from the visuals to the music they use for the trailers. Everything look amazing. I really hope this one doesn’t miss it’s mark cause Zilla is gonna need a good showing here considering he’s taking on King Kong in his next movie. The fact that we’re getting Mothra, Ghidorah, Rodan and hopefully more monsters is just an added bonus. I would’ve been fine with just having one but in the trailer you can hear them saying there are SEVENTEEN different ‘titans’ as they’re being called. Oh my god I can’t wait for this.

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