Tolls Are A Scam

I fucking hate tolls.

Sorry for such harsh language, but tolls have to be the most unnecessary things on the road. What the hell is the point? And don’t tell me it’s to fund public works or whatever. Find a different way to pay for that shit. Don’t hinder my driving experience.

Florida is horrendous with tolls, too. I was driving today and hit like, 3 tolls within 10 minutes for a grand total of $4. FOUR DOLLARS IN 10 MINUTES! That’s robbery. That’s HIGHWAY robbery friends!

Your charging me to drive on a road in your stupid state. How is that fair?

And if you don’t have an EZ Pass, then you have to worry about scrounging up change from your car or stopping by a gas station/store and hope you can get cash back there just to pay your way through the state like this is some sort of twisted real life monopoly game. It’s nonsense. And I can never remember what places allow cash back so I end up stopping into at least two different stores each time. Adding like, 10 minutes to whatever drive I’m doing. I’m getting frustrated just typing this!

Know what else is fun? They’re never the same toll amount. Some are $1. Some are $1.75. And some even get real wild with it and are up in the $3 range. So you can’t even prepare exactly how much you need cause each stupid little toll plaza comes up with their own pricing. Put every toll at $1 and I’d be much more accepting of this hassle, but the inconsistency is annoying as hell!

Another thing that’s always annoyed me about paying tolls with cash is why are half of the lanes always closed? Have you ever been through a toll where every lane is open? I haven’t. Why have 5 lanes if 3 are closed and for one you need exact change. Sorry, I don’t carry change on me all the time. I’m not a peasant. I have bills. But the ONE lane that has someone working there always has a line of like, 3 cars. And it always seems like the person in the front line is paying with some weird form of payment which makes this whole process fake even longer. I get up there and I’m in and out. Meanwhile while you’re in front, I can listen to half a freaking audiobook before you’re done. I hate people.

I’m genuinely confused where toll money goes in Florida too by the way. Cause every highway still sucks so..what’d ya do with my $4 today guys? I need answers!

Fun Fact: I racked up a bill over $1,000 in EZ Pass fines when I lived in New Hampshire. Not blaming it on them either, it was totally my fault. I just like to bring that up whenever I can. Only ended up paying like, $250 and it all went away though.

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