In Less Than 24 Hours I’ll Be At Barstool HQ

I type this right now sitting on my couch knowing I should be in bed asleep. My flight leaves tomorrow morning at 6:30 for Newark Airport. From there, a shuttle or Uber will then take me into New York. Enemy territory for a native New Englander like myself. Why am I making the trip from Orlando to NY? Barstool Sports.

As a part of Barstool Gold I had the opportunity to be chosen to go up to Barstool HQ and…well…I really have no idea. I know I’ll get to watch a live Rundown, which will be awesome, but other than that I have no idea what the hell this is really all about. Have they all been reading my blogs and decided that they’d like to bring me on board the pirate ship? Or maybe they just want to have someone with the name Sully working there. I mean, if you’re gonna be a company originating from New England, I feel like you have to have a Sully. Or, the more likely option, I was randomly chosen out of the thousands of their subscribers to get an inside look at one of the fastest growing companies in the world. But, if we’re being honest, they could put me in the corner all day to just watch a day in the life of that company and I’d love it. 

When I tell people down here where I was going I was met with confused faces and an “Oh…and you’re actually gonna go up there? Just to…walk around an office? Aren’t flights expensive? What about work? So you’re actually going?” You’re god damn right I am. Trying to explain what it means for a Stoolie to go to Barstool Headquarters to people down here is like trying to explain what winning is like to Jets fans. They really wanna get it but deep down they have no idea what you’re talking about.

Anyone who knows me knows just how excited I am for this. That’s actually half the reason I can’t go to sleep right now. The other half is the fact that I have to fucking wait for the wash to be done because I waited until the last minute to do laundry and pack. I’ve been a Stoolie for years so having the opportunity just to step foot inside HQ is literally a dream come true. I’ve spent countless nights dreaming up scenarios in my head about the trip up there. Both within Barstool as well as just being in New York. I’ve dreamt I’ll get mugged, I’ve dreamt of giant rats (like, a shit ton of them running at me), I’ve dreamt that I hit it off with everyone and we all go out for drinks and one thing leads to another until all of the sudden we have a ‘Hangover’ type night where someone gets kidnapped and we all retrace our drunken steps to try to find them. I’ve even dreamt that I get there only to find out this is all fake and I get turned away and dragged out by security. All of which are admittedly insane, but these are just the things that have been going through my head.

Regardless though, to even have the opportunity to potentially meet one or two people from a company that has consumed my life for the past years and absorb as much as I can is amazing to me. For the last two New Year’s Eve’s I’ve worn one of my many Barstool t-shirts and vowed to myself that I’d finally start to chase my dream of writing blogs and eventually working for a company like Barstool Sports. The year 2018 was a complete waste. I did nothing whatsoever to try to reach my goal. But 2019 has been different. I started my blog in February and have had a blast doing it. I look forward each day to getting a little bit of time to dive into writing and express my opinions on whatever the hell I want. 

Again, I literally have no idea what this is or exactly what the hell me and the other people chosen are gonna be doing there, but I really don’t care. I like to write blogs. I’m going to visit a company that has mastered that. That’s all that matters.

This is all thanks to Barstool Sports and more specifically KFC. He was doing a ‘Behind the Blog’ with Rone and he said something along the lines of “so many people say they want to do something but never do it. If you really were passionate about doing something you would just start doing it.” That hit me hard and really made me reevaluate what I wanna do in life. And months later, here we are. It’s 11:34 and I have to be up in under 4 hours to catch a Lyft to the airport. Oh well. That’s showbiz I guess. They make energy drinks and 5 hour energy’s for a reason right?


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