I’m Not Having Fun

******Disclaimer: This blog was written yesterday but I had to stop and post an impromptu blog about how Lebron is a team destroyer. Just a heads up******

Today was opening day. Normally in Boston today is like a holiday, but this year had a little extra mustard on it. Not only were we getting a ring ceremony since the Sox won the World Series last year, but we were also gonna get a bunch of Patriots players showing up as well. Lest we forget, Boston is the City of Champions. As we all know, the Pats won the Super Bowl last year so they were gonna swing by real quick to show support for their fellow brothers in arms. On a day where the region of New England should have been been collectively giving the finger and flexing our sports muscles to the rest of the country, things just didn’t feel right.

The Boston Red Sox are 3-9. And that record perfectly represents how shitty this team has played so far. Everything from offense to defense and especially pitching, this ball club just hasn’t showed up yet this year. It literally seems like someone forgot to let them know that the regular season started and they’re not still going through spring training.

That is literally my face during every single game so far this season.

And because of how the season has gone so far, Opening Day just had a bit of a dark cloud over it. Even though the Patriots showed up, there were a few big figures who didn’t. The Holy Trinity of Brady, Belichick and Kraft were MIA. Now this could have been these men taking a stand for their team. Red Sox owner John Henry owns The Boston Globe. The Globe is a newspaper that seemingly weekly will post hit piece after hit piece about the Pats, so maybe them not showing up was a big FU to Henry and his minions at the Globe. Brady did post on social media about not being able to be there, but still, it just added to the weirdness of it all.

Nonetheless, a game had to be played and everyone in New England was hoping this was the day where the season turned around. I mean fan favorite Dustin Pedroia was finally back in the starting lineup for crying out loud! Chris Sale was on the mound! If there was ever a day for things to get back on track, today was the day. Spoiler alert though, today was not the day.

I’m not gonna run through every stat of the game or how Sale reached top velocity on his fastball but it didn’t matter in the end. The story here is that this team has an issue. I don’t think it’s a talent issue. I don’t think it’s a management issue in terms of how the games are being coached. Cora is making the right moves at the right times for the most part, it’s just not working out. I think it’s all coming down to just getting our heads out of our asses and playing some championship freaking baseball. This ball club is far too talented to be in the basement of the AL East. I mean ya didn’t really lose much in the offseason to warrant this much of a drop off.

And I don’t wanna hear anyone saying “calm down Mike, the season is 162 games long! It’s early.” Even though you’d be technically correct in saying that, it’s still not an excuse for the horrid play that’s been spewed from this team so far this year. The Boston Red Sox are much better than this. Much much better. We have one of the greatest players in baseball roaming the outfield and one of the best pitchers in baseball. There is no excuse for being 3-9 at this point in the season. If anything that record should be flipped. I can understand coming out the gate a little slow, but at this point I don’t even think the Sox have come out the gate yet. The entire race started the these shitheads are still waiting for the gun to sound. Newsflash guys, THE RACE HAS STARTED!

I don’t wanna be sitting here next week writing another blog about how this season is turning into an embarrassment. So to all the haters, get all your heckling out now. I am almost 100% positive that come next month you won’t be able to regurgitate all your bullshit about how this team is a one-and-done. Or how Sale is overrated and Cora doesn’t know how to coach. Enjoy it while you can. Talk your shit ’cause rest assured, the North Remembers. And when we’re back on top there will be no hesitation in stomping all over your graves.

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