The Joker Trailer Finally Dropped!

Move over Jared Leto, there is a new Joker in town and he looks AWESOME. Here’s the trailer:

I mean, if you’re not excited about this movie by seeing that trailer, I don’t know what to tell you. Joaquin Phoenix looks like he is gonna fit in perfectly at playing the Clown Prince. This movie looks so incredibly interesting and disturbing. I love the ‘Logan’ approach in almost making it seem like a character study that’s just placed in a comic book world. I love that they tweaked the Arkham Asylum but calling it a Hospital. I wonder if by the end of the movie there will be hints toward them renaming it an ‘asylum’.

This trailer really had everything you could want when it comes to the Joker. You got the creepy music playing in the background. Phoenix changing his facial expressions on the drop of a hat. You KINDA got a little bit of info on his backstory as well. And the part where he grabs the sides of his mouth and forces himself to smile was awesome to me. I’m curious too if he is going to end up actually cutting his mouth into a smile like that by the end of the movie. I want violence in this movie too. With a character like the Joker, ya gotta have some intense shit go down. I wanna see him beat people with crowbars, stab people and laugh while doing it. Oh, and the laugh seems on point so that’s good. I was worried about that but it seems like Phoenix figured it out.

The only hesitation I have with this movie is just the fact that it’s going to exist. In the sense that like, do we NEED an origin story with the Joker? I like the fact that we really don’t have a solid backstory or history with this character. Name any other comic book character in the world and you know almost everything about him. With the Joker you really don’t and I think that adds to the intrigue of him. I hope Todd Phillips treads carefully with the character and all the canon he has to work with. I am very cautiously optimistic with this and I hope we get a Logan type movie that can stand alone without being labeled only as a comic book movie.

Avengers Endgame trailer, Game of Thrones trailer and now the Joker trailer all within 24 hours. It’s a good time to be a nerd.

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