Take Your Pick: Ocean Or Space

I’ve had this debate with many people on numerous occasions and the responses always upset me. What would scare you more, being stranded in space or stranded in the ocean? Here’s the exact scenario for both:

The Ocean: You’re scuba diving and come up and your boat is gone. You’re stuck in the middle of the ocean. There’s no hope for survival, so you just float until you die somehow.

Space: You’re out fixing some piece of the space station. Suddenly your cord breaks and you’re sent floating through space forever until you die somehow. Again, no hope for survival.

Every single time I ask anyone this they immediately say “Oh yeah I’d definitely rather be trapped in space, the ocean is scary!”Hey dumbass, you know what else is scary? FUCKING SPACE! It literally goes on forever. Eternal darkness. You have NO idea what’s up there! What happens if you’re floating along and you come across an asteroid belt? How about a black hole? Or what happens if you get too close to a planet and get sucked into its gravity and pulled down to the surface and burn to death before you impact? Still think space would be less scary?

Now don’t get me wrong, the ocean is a horrifying place as well. Sharks. Killer whales. Regular whales. Jellyfish. Shit like this!

But my whole point is, we pretty much have a good idea of what’s in the ocean. I mean, obviously not like, way down, but for what we’re talking about, we know pretty much all the shit that could get at us. Wanna talk about SPACE? We really have NO freaking idea what the hell is going on up there. I mean think about the amount of people who have been in space compared to the amount of people who have been in the ocean. I understand that we’ve really only searched 5% of the ocean which is crazy. There is SO much stuff that we don’t even know exists deep down there.

Wanna know how much of space we’ve explored? Less that 1% (the exact number has a shit ton of 0’s so just trust me when I say its a VERY small amount). Space is always expanding as well so we’ll never really bump that number up anytime soon. That means there’s shit out there that we literally can’t even comprehend. Like, our feeble minds are too stupid and unadvanced to even process what’s going on up there. The ocean, on the other hand, is just dark and deep. Sure there’s bound to be some scary stuff but there’s only so much that can exist. I mean, we’re on Earth so there’s obviously a limit to what can live down in the depths.

Other than the physical creatures and animals that can kill and probably dismember you, there’s also just the actual elements as well. We’ll talk space first. Does anyone really legitimately know what happens when someone comes in direct contact with space? Like, say your suit rips, then what? Do you just explode? Do you slowly get liquefied? Who knows! Also, imagine floating close to a sun? Just slowly burning up until you catch on fire and burn to death. Hell no. Obviously there’s dehydration or starving to death too which seems fun. I’m sure there’s stuff I don’t even know that could happen to you, but all that stuff seems horrible to go through.

Now the ocean. Ya got the whole issue of essentially being sunburned to death. Just kinda slowly cooking like a slab of chicken while you just wait to die. That would blow. Then you could drown too. Just kinda get too tired of keeping yourself afloat and give up. That would be a depressing way to go. You either go through the pain of constantly moving your arms and legs or you just stop and slowly sink to the bottom as you stare up at the light slowly dimming while you slip into unconsciousness, water filling your lungs, and drown to death all alone where no one will ever find your body. That’s a bad way to go as well.

So, in conclusion, if I had to choose what would scare me more, I would go with getting stranded in space. I completely understand that getting lost in the ocean would suck. Big time scary, I get that. But guys, we’re talking about space here. Space. Aliens. Asteroids. Planets. Suns. Black Holes. White Holes? Worm Holes! Yeah I’m all set with that. It seems like a tough choice at first but there’s really only one right answer. Space.

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