The NFL Cant Control Themselves

The NFL owners have voted to make offensive and defensive pass interference calls, or non calls, reviewable. This is gonna be a problem.

Let’s be honest, this rule is going to piss every single fan base off at some point next season. All because the Saints lost on a blown PI call in the playoffs and Sean Peyton turned into a little manbitch about the entire thing. I can understand complaining immediately after the game but to go as far as proposing a god damn rule change? And the NFL actually doing it!? What the hell are we doing here guys! Do the owners even understand how much chaos this is going to bring to the game next year? The NFL is so stupid sometimes.

If you’re a Saints fan, I want you to remember this night. Cause I bet right now you are all jumping for joy. It’s not like this rule change is going to reverse the fact that you got screwed out of a Super Bowl appearance. That happened. It sucked. Get over it. This is just further proof that replay is slowly ruining sports. If you think this is going to enhance the viewing experience on Sunday’s then you’re batshit crazy. What’s next? Are coaches gonna be able to throw a challenge flag when they think there was a holding call that was missed? Or how about we just go into straight lunacy and give teams unlimited challenges the entire game? Why stop there though. A coach should be able to challenge a coaches challenge of a play and if they throw their flag further onto the field than the opposing coach did, then they get the original challenge of the play reversed!? Sounds ridiculous right? Well welcome to the NFL ladies and gentlemen!

And I like how they state the coaches can only challenge during the first 28 minutes of each half and during the last two minutes the challenges will come from the booth. Cause that’s not gonna go wrong at all right? That basically makes it so the last 2 minutes of the game are going to be played like normal. With the refs missing calls. Which is what these owners were apparently trying to prevent in the first place. So these coaches can’t even use their new found power when the game is at its most critical. How does this make any sense!? This is going to make the last 2 minutes of an NFL game unbearable. After every single pass play the refs are going to move a bit slower just in case they get word from the booth that there was maybe, possibly, more probable than not, a tiny bit of pass interference that didn’t get called. So instead of having the excitement of a big pass breakup and seeing no flag, we all now have to temper our excitement because there could still be PI called. Many seconds after the play is over. Isn’t that what we all hate? When the refs throw a very late flag and piss everyone off? Get used to it because that is what we’re gonna have next year.

Just wait until Aaron Rodgers throws one of his lucky ass hail marys at the end of a game and completes it for a TD. BUT WAIT! The booth challenged the play and there was offensive pass interference. No touchdown! Game over. I don’t want to hear a damn person complain about that. You all brought this on yourselves. I don’t think these owners understand the beast that they just unleashed here.

Listen, in a perfect world, of course we would all want every single play in every single sport to be officiated correctly. But that’s what makes sports what they are. The human element. Instant Replay is a good tool to use when absolutely needed, but there is a limit. And I feel like this is the limit. Why do we need to keep altering rules to try to fix issues that the league has been fine with since its creation? And then the rules that we create don’t even really completely fix the problem at hand? It’s such an overreaction to what happened last year.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter though. You can change as many rules as you want. We all know how this next season is gonna end. #StillHere

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