The Aliens Are Back

I’m assuming you’ve seen the video going around of an alien ship plummeting through the skies in Los Angeles last night, but in case you didn’t, here is the video:

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a god damn UFO. Don’t let the government feed you any of their lies. Wanna know how they tried to spin this one? Weather balloon? Nope. Test flight? No. Some sort of atmospheric flare? Nah. They claim this was two Red Bull wingsuit jumpers. Are you fucking kidding me? I guess their plan now is to come up with such a bananas way to explain away the TRUTH that people will be forced to believe it. Don’t be sheep!

I mean they even went as far as to actually send Red Bull wingsuit jumpers up there ASAP in order to corroborate this falsehood. Look at this nonsense:

Please look at those two videos closely. THEY AREN’T EVEN OF THE SAME THING! Look at the trail in that first video. Then look at the trail in the second video. Are you trying to tell me that those are two videos of the same incident!? Don’t treat me like I have no brain Mr. Government. The first video looks like a full blown god damn comet crashing down to Earth. The second video looks like two buffoons flying through the sky with sparklers attached to their asses. There’s a difference people.

And also, take a look at the first clip for me again. We know that’s not a comet based on how the thing moves! It’s going straight down and then almost flattens out its flight pattern and instead of free-falling, it starts to glide down to Earth. Asteroids do NOT act like that. And again, as we know now, it wasn’t Red Bull having people jump out of a helicopter. If that was the case, why did no one see the helicopter? If Red Bull was going to do this, why was there not more fanfare? Why did they not plaster this all over social media or whatever other news outlet they could get their hands on huh? When doing such a cool, outlandish thing like this, you’d think they would want everyone to be gazing up to the sky on the lookout for it. Oh we’re looking to the sky alright, and we can see right past all your lies!

Does it seem like we are getting more and more visitors from space recently? I think I know why. Our extraterrestrial friends know that the United States government is absolutely terrified of telling the truth. So they know that they could pretty much roll right up to a news station, whip their little alien dicks out (or however they go the bathroom) and piss all over the news cameras and everyone would find a way to change the narrative somehow. They’d say things like, “Aliens!? Are you kidding me? That was Hollywood trying out their new real life, viral advertising for a brand new documentary Sci-Fi film coming out next summer!” Or something stupid like that. Open you’re eyes people, we’re being lied to.

And before you think I am some sort of crazy conspiracy boy thinking that the Government is always lying to us, I am completely correct here. Why would they lie to us about aliens you ask? Because if the American public found out for sure that aliens exist, it would break down society as we know it. Religion would become obsolete. Chaos would reign supreme. Why do I need to listen to the law when I now know that law and order means nothing at all. There would be lifeforms that could wipe us out whenever they want. And you want me to obey your petty little rules? Get outta here.

So, come to your own conclusion about this. Obviously we all have our own opinions and that’s fine. Actually, it’s not fine at all. There is most certainly a right and a wrong here. This was aliens. This was not Red Bull. I, for one, can’t wait to see how the government sweeps another incident like this under the rug next time we get visited from our neighbors from the stars.

Stay woke. Stay safe.

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