My job is getting in the way of my work

I am very lucky that, as far as I know, my management at work does not read this. Do you understand how difficult it is for me to get blogs up when I have to work 6 and sometimes 7 days a week? I feel like I need to give a little more detail here so you can really understand my frustration.

Let me set the environment for you: as a salesman we have our own desks in a small glass box in the showroom. So no matter which seat I chose, it’s very easy for a manager to sneak up on you to try to catch you doing something other than work. Which is actually what I am doing right now as I type this, so I understand their suspicions.

Now I could close the door, sure. The tiny cubicles in the room are set up in a way where, at my desk, I can hear the door open before anyone comes in. Which allows me to quickly Ctrl+Tab and go to a different screen and no one is the wiser. That’s a perfect set up IF the only way for a manager to get in is that one door. Guess what? There are THREE doors to this god damn room. I not only have to worry about the door right next to me but also keep an eye out with my peripheral vision to make sure I react at any sign of movement no matter who it is just in case. It’s really mentally exhausting if we’re being honest.

had to stop this once again to help a customer

sat down to finish this and had to stop AGAIN because my manager came into the room and sat down for a bit

See what I mean!? Like guys, respect the craft. Let me do my thing please! Now where was I….

Ah yes, where I sit. Not only do I need to keep my eyes cycling between these three doors, but I have also basically become sensitive to any sound outside this room. Seriously, its like I can tell whenever anyone is about 3 feet from the door. I feel like Daredevil! I’ve even gotten so good that I can almost tell who it is by how they walk or if they have change or anything in their pocket. But still, there’s on manager who is like a freaking ninja with the sneakiness. I mean for real, the guy just pops up outta nowhere asking if we’ve made our phone calls. Its nerve wracking!

While all this is happening, I still have to attempt to ACTUALLY do my job too. Trying to type some interesting stuff while also calling people who either want to waste hours of my time and not buy anything OR customers who refuse to answer anytime I call but yet get mad when I don’t call them. And in between all that I also have to socialize with the people I work with!

I like my coworkers (well some of them) but they know that I get distracted easily and they STILL try to talk to me! I mean, I’m not complaining about that really though. I enjoy talking to a few of them and it helps the day go by quicker but I wish I could have like, 20 minutes of silence to just bang these things out. As I said in the headline, my job is getting in the way or my work. My career! I’m just a humble blogger with the day job of a car salesman. For instance right now, literally as I am writing this sentence, I have one salesman sitting next to me talking to me. All good, he’s my friend so I don’t mind at all. He even asked what I was writing about cause he knows I write blogs. Then another salesman comes in and looks at what I’m writing, he too knows I write blogs, and tries to read over my shoulder. Oh no no no! I hate when people read as I write so I had to stop for a minute. You see my point here? So many little things throughout the day that hinder my progress!

Whatever. I know that I shouldn’t even be doing this while I am at work but here we are. I justify it in my head by saying that I should always follow what I am passionate about. And if I am passionate about writing blogs as opposed to doing follow up with my customers, then so be it!

So I guess this is the end of the blog. It really didn’t come out the way I wanted it to since I’ve been pulled away about 10 times but oh well. I’m still pretty happy with how it came out. I hope that you get to do whatever it is you do to distract yourself from your own work today. I mean it’s Monday, no one really wants to be at their jobs anyway!

P.S. If by chance any of my managers are reading this, GOT YOU! This is all a joke. Sarcasm. HAHA! I would never not do work while I am at work. I love this job and I love this dealership! I didn’t even type any of this at work. This was all done at home. Please don’t fire me…

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