Avengers: Endgame Trailer #2

Holy shit.

This may be the most anticipated movie of all time. And I’m using no hyperbole when I say that. For me, it most certainly is. I have never been more excited for a movie, or anything for that matter, in my entire life. And I have seen 9 Super Bowls! Nothing even comes close. Game of Thrones Final Season? Still doesn’t come close to this. Now let’s dive in shall we?

I don’t think they could have started this trailer any better. Throwing in classic images and scenes from past Marvel movies and then bringing it back to present time with each character. Then of course we get this image, that has been in both trailers. Tony floating through space with little to no hope.

Clearly we all know he somehow finds his way back to Earth to meet up with everyone else, but how he gets there is going to be fascinating. Does Thor use the bifrost to come get him? Does Captain Marvel run into him when she is going back to Earth to answer Furys distress call? Or does Stark use his genius level IQ to figure out a way to fly back to our planet? We have no idea!

Like I mentioned before, the awesome thing this trailer does is mesh shots from old movies or scenes we haven’t seen yet with shots of what the world looks like now post Thanos’ snap (which Marvel has dubbed the ‘Decimation’). Like this for instance:

The bleekness of this new world is startling. Everything is a mess. Boats everywhere with no captains. Gloomy and dark. Almost every single shot we get of the planet now is just a sad, hopeless place. There’s a scene later in the trailer where Scott Lang is looking at a telephone pole plastered with missing persons posters. In that same scene you can see the grass in the background has grown out of control. Letting you know how much time has passed and that no one is around to maintain anything anymore.

We’re seeing a lot more of Hawkeye, or Ronin, in this trailer as well which I love. Hawkeye was absent from Infinity War so it was obvious he would play a major role in this movie. We first see him over in some country kicking some serious ass.

Then we see that Black Widow is over there meeting up with him! She’s most likely trying to get him back to join the crew so they can go kick some ass and save the world. But why is Hawkeye in this strange place, dressed in all black looking depressed as hell? I bet his entire family got dusted right in front of him when the Decimation happened. Which sent him into a spiral and he went off looking for answers. An unchained, pissed off Ronin is going to be so much fun to watch on the big screen. Although I’m a bit scared for him. At one point we see him diving away from an explosion. I know people are going to die in this movie and I think he is going to be one of them.

We also get this badass shot:

I don’t really have much to say about this shot other than the fact that I love seeing these heroes team up. Rocket and War Machine? Sign me the hell up! I feel like these two are getting forgotten in the all the hype for this movie. Feel like they’re both going to have some pretty cool moments. Whether its together or individually. I don’t care, I just want to see it!

After this shot we get Thor in all his glory:

I mean just look at that. Thunder coming all around him, holding Stormbreaker, looking like he’s about to unleash some serious hurt on someone. Thor has a lot of redeeming to do anyway. I mean, he had Thanos RIGHT THERE. But he had to have his moment to talk shit. Even a God has to get some revenge I guess. Puny God.

After this we get some rapid fire action shots of basically every hero. Nebula drawing her knives yelling and charging at someone. Black Widow with some badass target practice hitting the bullseye with every shot. Steve Rodgers tightening up his shield looking like he’s in the middle of a huge fight. Pint sized Ant-Man jumping on the end of a pencil, which by the way, is both awesome and hilarious to watch. You have all this crazy stuff going on and Ant-Man is over here gliding around on pencils and who knows what else. Then we get a second of silence before we see Tony Starks tired, worn down face. All while this is happening, each of the characters can be heard saying “Whatever it takes”. Which make my heart stop. Because I think we all know what it’s going to take. A huge sacrifice. So each hero saying that shows that they are all ready to make the biggest sacrifice of all. And that scares the hell out of me.

Aaaaaand then we get the money shots ladies and gentlemen:


I know some people are going to complain about them showing Stark back on Earth with the Avengers but I mean, come on, we knew he was going to get back home. The interesting part is going to be how he gets here. And obviously I think the moment that everyone’s waiting for is for him and Steve Rodgers to finally see each other after the events of Civil War. That moment is gonna be incredible. But other than that, these new suits are badass. If you have seen anything about this movie you know what these suits are for. I won’t spoil it for anyone, even though it isn’t really a spoiler, but all it takes is one google search and you’ll know whats up.

Then, in vintage Marvel trailer format, they leave the coolest part for last:

This is awesome. Thor face to face with Captain Marvel. Two of, if not the most, powerful superheroes we got, finally meeting each other. And of course, Thor has to try to show off and impress the newbie. Reaching out and bringing Stormbreaker into his hand. Buzzing right by Carol as he does it, almost hitting her. And what does she do? Noting! Doesn’t even flinch. Just looks at him and smirks like, “Yeah little boy? I’ve seen crazier stuff than you can even dream of. What else ya got?” Then the trailer ends with Thor saying, “I like this one.” Seeing those two team up may be one of the best parts of this entire film.

Ugh. This movie can’t get here soon enough. I will save my actual prediction for what I think is going to happen for another blog as we get closer to the release date. But if you are not hyped about this movie, I don’t think you have a pulse. We have two trailers and we still really don’t know what the hell is going to happen! This movie could be 5 hours long and I wouldn’t complain one bit. And no one else would either.

We’re in the Endgame now.

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