Patriots Making Moves!

Huge news out of New England today. This is the type of move I think we have all been waiting for. We have a player coming back home!

What a way to really start the offseason for this team. Bennett was a cute little signing but this is the big one. Brandon Bolden was a PILLAR for those great Patriots Special Teams the past few years before he departed to Miami. Talk about an impact signing!

In all seriousness though, this is a good singing for the team. Bolden is a tremendous locker room guy and a great special teamer. That is especially important because last year that part of the Pats team left a lot to be desired. So having a player like Bolden back to solidify that part of the team is good news. These are the types of signings that clearly go under the radar by the media, but its moves like this that have kept this team on top of the football world for two decades. Solidifying aspects of the team that other organizations don’t even put value on. That’s why we will always be better than you and that’s why you will never get on our level.

P.S. That’s not all the Patriots have been up to today!

Oh boy! The offseason is underway baby!

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