Sinking Steelers

I am legitimately worried about our ‘rivals’ in the AFC. Do the Steelers know what they are doing? In case you haven’t heard, Antonio Brown has signed with been traded to the Raiders. Did the Steelers get a high second round pick or even a first rounder for the very talented receiver? Or maybe even get an impact player to help their defense? Nope. Not even close.

Wait what? A freaking 3rd and 5th round pick! That’s all they got for him! Do the Steelers not know how good Brown is!? How on Earth can a team let go of a Top 5 receiver and not get at LEAST a 2nd round pick for his services!? Well, maybe this was the best offer they got? It has to be right…?

Oh boy. Steelers probably didn’t want this to get out did they? I mean I get it at first, why would you give the big bad Patriots the best receiver they’ve had since Moss right? But at the same time, you gotta look at this from strictly business perspective. You had a better offer on the table for Brown and you knowingly took a lesser offer just because you didn’t want to do business with the Patriots. That’s putting your personal issue in front of the team and that’s a problem. That’s why this team will never be able to topple the Pats. Business should always come first and for the Pittsburgh Steelers, that is not the case. It’s sad.

All that being said, the Steelers are also going to lose Bell in free agency too. Add onto that an inconsistent below average defense, a head coach that has lost his locker room and an aging quarterback who will put the blame on everyone else before he takes any himself…I ask you, should we even be afraid of the Steelers anymore? This team is crumbling before our eyes and although its beautiful to watch, it makes me sad that there will be one less team to legitimately challenge the Pats in the AFC.

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